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War & Peace Missing Person

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The site was swarming with police last night looking for a missing person.. They came into the Victory tent twice & stopped the music to make an announcement.. I've just been told they are still on site circulating his photo..


Evening all. We've a missing man who's not been seen by his friends for about 24 hours. While you're out and about tonight please look out for him. His name his

Andy Fernando, he's 48/49 years old, stocky build about 5'7 and bald. He's also quite deaf but doesn't wear a hearing aid. He was last seen in Ginger Gammons at 11.20 pm and was wearing British combat trousers with a green or black t-shirt with a noseart image. He is British but has olive skin. Please call Event Control if you see him or think you do on 01622

231070. Thanks.


Posted on FB an hour ago..

No news on missing Andy Fernando. He was last seen at 5.20pm yesterday in the Trade field at Clements Militaria. He had mud on his back and was with a young teenager and who was enquiring about using a quad bike. Searches of the site continued from first light so please look in tents, under and in vehicles and anywhere else you can think of. If you see him or anyone you think could be Andy, please contact a purple shirt Official or Event Control on 01622 231070.
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MOD Edit: post deleted..


Unfounded speculation that could of been very upsetting to the family.. suggest you remove the same comments you posted on the WW2 re-enacting Forum.

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I closed the thread last night as I was witness to the final outcome to this & did not want anyone posting anything on here before the family were informed.. Thread will remain closed, not open to speculation or discussion.


RIP Andy..


From 276651_245264938824092_4516696_q.jpg [h=6]The War and Peace Show (Organisers)[/h]

On Thursday 19 July the War and Peace Show organisers were made aware that event attendee Andy Fernando had not been seen by his friends since Wednesday 18 July. We immediately contacted the Police who launched a missing person investigation.

War and Peace Show officials and management were made available to assist in anyway they could throughout the search.

The police have confirmed that they have found a body, which was today confirmed as Andy. Our thoughts at this time are with his friends and relatives.

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