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Stalwart Clutch Plates


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Hi, does anyone know the part nos for a Stalwart Clutch plate, I have come across some plates in the shed and I am trying to identify them, they are supposed to be for a Rolls B80/B81 and they are a 12" plate, but the centre boss seems too large to be Martian.

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Hi Andy,


According to the parts catalogue, the part numbers are as follows :-D


Cat numb Item name. Item description


LV6MT10/2520-99-811-8731. PLATE CLUTCH. Pressure plate side

LV6MT10/2520-99-811-8730. PLATE CLUTCH. Flywheel side


Hope that helps,

if they are these let me know, I'm looking for a spare set, keep missing the ones on flea bay. :mad:




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Thanks for that Shaun, they are indeed Stalwart, but all are the same (8731)....

I may be able to re-engineer them for a Martian, if they do become surplus I will let you know.

- sorry for the slow response, I have had one of those months!

cheers Andy Cox

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