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Drawings or posters......Bren & GPMG


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Hi all,

Could anyone tell me where I could get drawings, scaled or full size for .303 & 7.62 Bren & also for the GPMG ? or failing that some 1;1 training posters?.


Reccomended publications perhaps ?....or companies doing re-pro posters maybe.


Any suggestions or help appreciated.


Many thanks in advance...... Howard @ KFS

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I will have to check, but i think amongst some old posters etc i may have a sectional bren instructional poster. If i have i would not want to get rid of it, but i don't see why it couldn't be copied. I would not know how much it would cost, as it is a large colour poster if i remember right. I'll try and look it out if you want.

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Ahhh... I thought about the sectional training aid poster after I'd posted my request up.


Ideally its the other, 'non sectional' one I could do with as it shows all the external details...probably even rarer than the sectioned drawing I'm guessing.


I just had an idea someone might be doing re-production ones somewhere.


Thanks for offer of a copy though....might have to fall back on you for that.


Many thanks......Howard @ KFS

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I only have a very large Air Ministry colour sectional poster for the Browning .303 in. gun, Mk11. Not what you are after :(


It is Air Diagram 1224 sheet 2 of 2 and dated May 1943.


As it is sectional very little of the outside is shown. Approx size is 4ft x 3ft.

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"Re drawings, any particular reason or purpose as i can have a dig and see what i have"


Hi Tim,

Trying to get the proprtions & dimension right for a couple of 1/24th scale model Brens. These are for use primarily with next years Mobat kit & the current Champ & Ferret kits. (Hence both .303 & 7.62)


The GPMG is to accompany the FV432 kit & others.


I confess I've not really looked around for books or publications on these myself yet. Just thought I'd ask here first as there might be a ready answer/source of info.:-D


Cheers.,........Howard @ KFS

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