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I was watching 'Double Cross - The True Story of the D-Day Spies' on BBC2 yesterday, and noticed a German marked DC3 Dakota aircraft at 36:39 if you watch it on BBC iplayer. I've not seen a German marked dakota before, anyone know any details about it?

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I noticed this too and wondered exactly the same as you Robert. It was on during the point when one of the agents was transported into Portugal, so I don't know if this has anything to do with it? Would be interesting to see if anyone has the answer to this question.

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Both sides acquired quite a collection of each others aircraft and vehicles throughout the war so I guess the Germans having a Dakota in their 'fleet' would have been easy enough?.....I believe KG200 was the German sort of 'special' operations Luftwaffe Squadron ? and I know they had quite a few B17s by the end of the war plus many others...:-|....

quick Google search and edit.apparantly KG200 wasn't formed til 1944 though .....it probably 'belonged' to the Abwehr ?

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Here is a bit of info that may be of interest:

The Dakota was pressed into service with the German Luftwaffe when user countries were invaded.One renowned example NA-LA (a former KLM DC-2 PH-AKT) was requisitioned as the personal hack of General Christiansen, military head of the German occupying Forces of the Netherlands.

They also operated:

PC-EC formerly PH-AKJ (became D-AKAW with Lufthansa in 1944)

SG-KV formerly PH-AKQ (became D-AEAN with Lufthansa in 1944)

PC-EB formerly PH-AKR (became D-AIAS with Lufthansa)

NA-LF formerly PH-AKS (became D-ABOW with Lufthansa)

VG-FJ formerly OK-AID of CLS (became D-AAID with Lufthansa)

Lufthansa also had a couple of DC-2s pre war but I have no record of them being used by the Luftwaffe,though at least one ended up used by the Finnish Air Force.

Hope that helps.There are more I think but haven't had time to dig through the books etc.



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As an aside it was a commonly held belief among bomber crews that KG200 operated captured bombers in USAAF markings which would pose as stragglers and try to infiltrate bomber formations and shoot down the surrounding bombers. There are several instances of crews quoting single aircraft with erroneous markings trying formate with them, but no confirmed evidence of these actually being Luftwaffe sabotage operations. Post war senior Luftwaffe officers denied that this practice ever happened...but who knows....?! Certainly many bombers crews believed this happened even long after the war.

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