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Want a tank but can't afford a real one?....try one of these..

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Whilst mooching the web for an Mobility Scooter for my old Dad I somehow came across this company ..They are building some absolutely awesome models......ever fancied owning a 1/4 scale King Tiger ?...well ...this fellas can sell you one.....



Now then....d'you reckon I could modify it so that my old Dad could sit up in the turret with the RC unit on his lap???....a 1/4 scale King Tiger would one mighty fine Mobility Carty for him I reckons :cool2:

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Not a far fetched idea, actually. There's work going on in different parts of the world to construct vehicles, tracked and otherwise, for us who are unable to walk about much.ces-tankchair.jpg


Good luck with finding a mobility scooter for your dad. I have scooters for sale, but I'm situated in Sweden and the transport cost to the UK is prohibitive.


Goran N

tank chair.jpg

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Now that looks like a serious mobility scooter Goran ! :-):-) Many thanks for your comments ...we've found him one now and he's getting the hang of it pretty good....I couldn't find him a 4x4 one.. :-) but we got one with fairly big wheels that is 'off road' proof...well ....I say that but he did manage to get it stuck down the woods the other day ! grippier back tyres may be called for ....

and Jessie..

I've read through the construction notes on the models and they are very serious bits of kit aren't they ?...

...not your average 'model' certainly! ...I guess if he's using something like electric forklift motors for the tractive power then they'd have plenty of grunt.... and they've got aluminium tracks and proper steel suspension units and bearings and so on.....

... mmmmhhhhhhh .....:-D:-D I'm almost talking myself into one now and I can walk fine ! hahahah!

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They are very nice model-engineering projects, but you need to remember at the end of the days driving around the garden, you can't just pick it up and stick it in a cupboard; it's WAY too heavy! I seem to recall it being driven out of the back of the Land Rover at the show, so I'm guessing you'd need to park it in your garage, or have disabled ramps all over the house to get it to its storage location!

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yep I noticed one of them weighed 260KG....not sure if that was the 1/4 scale or the 1/6 scale one....but either way ...heavy! :-D further reading reveals the 1/4 scale one starts at about £5500.so ..think it's a bit out of Dads price range anyways! ...shame ...could have been the mobility scooter and Military Vehicle all covered in one go :-\

PS...just thought....my old folks weekly shop at Morrision's would have been worth seeing though...d'you reckon the aisle are wide enough? :cool2:

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