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Reporting Live from W&P 2012


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I have just texted Group Captain Stagg to see what the hell is going on and if we have any weather windows next week :-D


OK - Group Capt Stagg just texted me back:

Jack old boy - ‘there has been a substantial change in the situation since the early morning. It is now likely that there will be a fair interval starting about midday today and lasting till about dawn on Tuesday. During this fair interval, and particularly from Monday evening to Tuesday morning, cloud amounts will probably be substantially smaller than given in the forecast this morning: winds will also moderate temporarily, particularly on Monday night and at first on Tuesday. A deterioration will probably set in again during Tuesday; weather on subsequent days will continue unsettled and disturbed.’


Sunday, 2100hrs. “Since the statement made before the meeting on Saturday evening, there have been some rapid and unexpected developments in the weather situation over the Atlantic. A front from one of the deep depression in the NW Atlantic has moved much further south than was expected and is now traversing the channel areas. It is almost over Portsmouth now and will clear the eastern Channel, at least on the English side, overnight. When that front has passed there will be an interval of fair conditions which, from evidence we now have, should last at least until dawn on Tuesday”.


Wind Speeds by Monday evening should decrease to Force 3-4 on the French coast and cloud will become mainly less than 5/10 with base 2,000-3,000ft. After the interval, lasting until Tuesday morning, cloud will probably increase to 8/10-10/10 from the West during Tuesday afternoon and will continue so over Tuesday night’


‘Wind will be mainly Force 4 on the English Channel coasts and Force 3-4 on French Channel coasts; in sheltered stretches of the French Channel coast, period of Force 2-3 could be expected. Wind direction throughout will be westerly.’


Stop being a girl and get on with it. Yours, Stagg.




So there it is, we have heard from the man himself.

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Now I have gone and done it - Stagg most have passed my mobile number on to Patton - he wants to gate crash W&P...

"Jack - we want to get the hell over there. The quicker we clean up this *******ed mess, the quicker we can take a little jaunt against the purple pissing Japs and clean out their nest, too. Before the *******ed Marines get all of the credit." ~ General George S. Patton,

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A weather window is probably the best way. Open it, look out and see what's happening! :-D


Yellow rain warnings today and Friday on the Met Office lottery page.


Is that like yellow snow.

I was taught to avoid yellow snow.



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