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Brief visit to Duxford and 100th BG Museum

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I was down in the Cambridge and Norfolk area over the weekend, so popped into these two museums and took a few photos.


Duxford first, the Blenheim ( Bolingbrook ) restoration and conversion is coming along well. The aircraft was damaged in a deadstick landing in 2003 after running out of fuel on final approach, and ended up on its belly. Having flown several years as a Mk4, it is now being converted to the short nosed Mk1



Recently sold and moved from Breighton in Yorkshire, the Buchon ( lisence built Bf109 ) is now at Duxford. I don't know if it is to be based there, or whether it is moving on.



Another exciting visitor to Duxford is the Fw190 replica. The aircraft is one of several 'New-Build' Fw's, I think under construction in Germany. It is at Duxford for some work to be done before being shipped to the USA I believe.



To conclude the trio of German aircraft, is another license build, the 'Cricket' I think it was called, a French copy of the German Fi 156 Storch. The French version had a radial engine fitted, but this has been converted back to the inline engine.



Outside, the recent strong winds have mangled a fibreglass Spitfire replica. All is not lost, I'm sure a few tins of Isopon P38 filler can put it right!!!




The final pics from Duxford are a couple of the trucks on display within the aircraft hangers. I didn't have time to get as far as the land warfare hall.





The last two pictures were taken today, at the 100th BG Museum, Thorpe Abbotts, and feature this unusual airfield jeep.






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Last 2 times i've been to visit the outlaws Thorpe Abbots has been closed...no fair :pfrt: :pfrt:


Opening Times:

The Museum is open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

From 10am to 5pm throughout the year.


The Museum is closed Nov,Dec & Jan.

From May to September the Museum is also open on Wednesdays.


Museum Website http://www.100bgmus.org.uk/html/intro.html


100th BG Foundation Website http://www.100thbg.com/



I'm not sure on the engine in the Fw190. Someone said it is a Russian engine, but that is not confirmed.



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That looks like a huge museum! Must visit it sometime...


The Imperial War Museum at Duxford is a massive museum. If you went for a full weekend, you wouldn't be able to see everything in detail. There are about 10 hangars ( several built in pairs ), plus a hangar sized Land Warfare Hall, and then there are the workshops and admin/fighter control buildings over the road.


Several of the hangars feature airworthy aircraft ( ie The Fighter Collection ) as well as those under restoration.





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I spent a short time as a volunteer with the MV wing at Duxford - about 2 years max which does not translate to regular visits. It was brilliant and although I have no mechanical skills I had a great time getting involved with stuff. The people there are fantastic and do wonders with limited resources. Unfortunately I was unable to fit visits into my work and domestic schedule and had to stop. I suppose my membership is in abeyance. I cannot recommend the museum highly enough - it is stunning from end to end - but I am entirely biassed towards the MV collection and people who are a lot less "glam" and self important than some of the fly boys. The Land Warfare Hall is actually a lot bigger draw to the museum than people realise and is not credited as such. It is always good to meet up with DX people at events - especially Beltring where they drive some of the armour. I have one interesting story: I was passing a Spitfire with an open cockpit and thought I'd have a peak, I absent mindedly touched, and by that I mean brushed, the bodywork as I did so. A flyboy got very stroppy - telling me the plane was worth a million pounds and how much damage I could have done. A while later I was clambering over a fairly unique Marksman anti-aircraft SP (on a Chieftain chassis) - it was way too high for my vertigo - and the difference in attitudes cannot be better illustrated. Planes are lovely - but the MVs are so much more accessible.

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Peaking into a plane can be very dangerous. If a tank stops working, it just sits there.


Brian Lecomber was almost killed during an aerobatic display when someones biro pen jammed the controls in a dive. Fortunately he was able to free the column and land safely. Ever since then, he has been paranoid about people leaning in to have a look. I don't blame pilots for being a little over protective.



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I have been a member of DAS MT SECTION at DUXFORD from the start .In1971.And kept the ALBION their from 1972. And restored BEDFORD QL FUEL BOWSER. FEDERAL CRASH WRECKER. FORDSON WOT1 CRASH TENDER . And a lot of DX Vehicles In the early days. T he ALBION was the only truck heavy enough to move most of the tanks that where arriving from time to time . It did move some quite large planes as well. ( DUXFORD MILITARY VIHICLE SHOW 17 JUNE ) Hope to meet all HMVF members their TONY

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Hmm - maybe that should have read "Marty, you should come to the War & Peace show" !!!! :-) :-)



Hi there! ian2be, artiststrifle & enigma!


Unfortunately I haven't been to the war & peace yet, Sooner or later I gotta go there. I feel like it's a long trip and being mechanicel disabled it's a bit risky! I would need good company. The furtherst away I've been was with the Dodge at a meeting in Aalborg, Denmark. More than half of the trip was by ferry, so that wasn't any problem. :-D


Someday, someway, somehow...



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Marty - most of the trip to W&P would be by ferry too!!!

If you could get one of the DFDS boats to Harwich it's only a short hop down to Beltring from there - and there's enough Dodge fanatics around in the UK to ensure you'd get there and back in one peice.


I went for the first time ever last year - and can't wait to go back this year!!

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I may even consider taking my Iltis to DX if we are getting a team up. I am sorry, Tony, but I don't think I met you there at any time. I do recall chatting to you on the phone once when I was still a wet behind the ears writer for CMV. Nuff said. As for Beltring...you either love it or hate it...and I love it. see you all soon.


Mark B

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