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Hi from Jochen


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When posting for the first time, please introduce yourself,




preferably with your real first name.


I am Jochen


This helps people think you're a real person.


I promise you: I am not a robot.


Tell us a bit about yourself, which vehicles you own or intend owning or other interest.


I have a Borgward B2000, but I am looking for a UAZ 452.


If you have accidentally forgotten to fill in most of the details in your profile, like where you come from or what you do for a living, consider going back now and plugging a few gaps so that, when somebody clicks to see whom you are, they don't find a load of blanks. It is nice for all of us to know who we are talking to.

I have tried this but am unable. Perhaps I can get some instructions somewhere.


It is considered as rube to jump in & join a conversation without first making an introduction.


Quite so!


If you do make a post without making an introduction first you will receive a reminder asking you to make one. Please do not make an Intorduction saying just " Hi I'm from wherever..." tell us a bit more about yourself, were you in the Services?


I was not in the army or similar.


what's your main interests etc.

Military oldtimers - is there any other interest?


[Did I get that right?]

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