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Hope the first made it to the campsite alright! Today at the office and tomorrow up and down the country for meetings with customers... Friday morning, 7AM leave for airport, arrive in Dorchester around 13:00h zulu!


Can't wait!!!


@Adrian, blimey mate what you have to go through for A&E!! Most would have given up, it's a credit to you!


Didn't know Dorshester had an airport :confused: good luck guys I'll be down on the Sunday waving you on.

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We should be jumping right over Dorchester!




I wish...


Please remember the dress code.

Wear the appropriate gear and make sure the plane has the correct invasion stripes on it.



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cookhouse leaving now hope to be there by 4


Me and Dugout Kim will be there tomorrow Dave. She'll do her duty on the cookhouse as ususal.


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Well just walked in from the workshop 10-30pm , M10 fully serviced and now polished , Ward lafrance fully checked over and washed and ready to go mainly due to Too tall Mike , M4 HST well thats another bloody story , took some friends out in it for a ride down the lane and it over heated , brought 4 x new kenlow fans for it which draw 96 amps of current , the alternator is only a 55 amp one on the engine , decide to buy a high performance water pump as well to try and aid water circulation , decide to take M4 to my local vintage garage as owners son is into American muscle cars and is very good with big block V8s , turns out my engine is a 460 cubic inch and about 7.8 ltrs !!.

So after fitting new high performance water pump , getting a new crank shaft pulley and water pump pully made and buying a new 165 amp alternator which needed all new mounting brackets made , every thing was fitted and test run for a hour , the following morning the inside of the hull was filled with water where the water pump glands were leaking !!!! , there was not another high performance water pump in the country , so we UPS one to the UK from the states which arrived last Friday !! along with a carb rebuild kit ,the carb was rebuilt yesterday morning and found to be dumping fuel into the engine on tick over , brought a new Holley carb yesterday afternoon which turned up this morning , duly fitted and tuned up this afternoon , collected and drove it home at 5 oclock tonight , doing 35 mph through the village going really well , half way home started running rough , when we got home it turns out its blown a exhaust gasket !!! so back to the garage at 8-30 tomorrow morning to be stripped and im probaly going to Middlesex tomorrow morning to get new exhaust gaskets !! Who would have vintage vehicles ??? Im still hoping to be at A&E Thur evening , see you all there .



The above comments from Adrian truly sum-up what committed MV owners are really all about - Moving absolute hell and high water not to let show organisers down. Many people (myself included) would have given up at the first if not second hurdle and resigned themselves to the law's of Sod ! It is so heartening to read such comments and whether the HST is at the show or not, everyone reading this thread will appreciate the efforts you have gone to do all you can to make it happen.


I shudder to think the knocking the credit card has taken on such activities - We all know that everything has a terrible habit of being three-times the price when your backs against the wall...............!


We shall be there on Friday afternoon, M25 traffic pending and wind and gales not putting the caravan in a ditch!


We're really excited about the event Jack - And that's a great colour spread in the local paper too.

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