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Military Vehicles at Firepower Museum

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Saturday 17/2/2007 - Sunday 18/2/2007


Military Vehicles at Firepower Museum Woolwich, SE London. Special weekend display and the live operation of the Military Radio Station,GB2RA. The museum Quad and limber will join in with rides around the area. Anybody offering a vehicle or display is welcome. There is no entry fee. A Saturday evening. Bring your own food, or share ours, for the indoor Saturday evening BBQ. , with a large screen showing of some archive WW2 16mm films of interest to military vehicle owners. Secured overnight vehicle storage facilities will be available and indoor diy accommodation in the former Military Academy Building. Facilities will be available on Friday evening and for Breakfast on both days, or you can use market cafe 200 yards away. This is the first in Season rally at an unusual time with warm accommodation provided. Families and cCaravans welcome, so long as they are booked in advance.

Mike Buckley 0208 654 2582 12 Ranmore Avenue,Croydon CR0 5QA




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Now thats one area I don't need to worry too much about this half of the year - I've got to use a whole years vacations entitlement (32 days) up by June 30th :-) :-)



Shame you cant save it for july and stay down here longer and get here earlier :whistle:

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Shame you cant save it for july and stay down here longer and get here earlier :whistle:



Aha - got ya!! :evil:

Phase two of the cunning plan (which does not involve turnips in any way shape or form My lord) is I'm taking July and August off for holidays and stress relief etc so I can get down early and spend time unwinding amidst the sight, sound, smell and vibrations of all things green!! :-) :-)


Hows THAT for a cunning plan!!!!!

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