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Overlord 2012 live updates!!!!


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Right just back from todays offering, its good, its very good :cool:


Grabbed some pics and a few vids


You just MUST see the big guns firing, totally awsome, although I did decide I was standing a bit too close to the Cubed gun when the first one fired in the distance, ears still ringing now :(


Something went wrong...

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Nice to see you Furbag. The guns were awesome!!

Very very very busy on the entrance gate all day, vehicles still coming in all day. The fields are getting full up. I haven't even been down to the re-enactors field yet!!!!!!


Just seconds after this mornings gun fire!!!!


These pictures I took later this afternoon. Not many snaps I'm afraid as I kept bumping into people- Chris G, Kevin, Rambo to name but a few! Oh and had to have a beer with the Heathrow lot!






Loads of positive feed back and smiling faces at the end of the day :)

Oh don't forget the sunburnt face!





I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?az4lky

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and a few more






Seen it all now, a ride on military ride on lawnmower LOL










The folks wearing the reflective jackets made many folks smile, heres just a couple of them.......






If you get a chance do pop up and see the show it really is worth the visit

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just got back from laughton show not many mil vehicles but 3 ferrets so all good! decent harveys on tap and the tractor pulling was goood fun 2000bhp any one off to overlord monday the forecast was not good for this weekend but still managed to get a red face!:cool2:

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Went today.. very dissapointing.. it wasn't a good sign when we were a few miles away from the showground to see MV's going in the opposite direction.. got there at 9:45am to find a lot of MV's and traders had already left & others packing up..


Not sure why but everywhere you looked were civy vehicles mixed in with the MV's & also in the living history field? there was also one lady set up selling flowers in with the MV's :yawn: it was hard to get any good photos due to the civy vehicles parked everywhere.. to the organisers.. why were the civy vehicles not moved to the support carpark?


As I'm into artillery I was looking forward to seeing the FH70's firing, only to be told that they fired on Saturday but not since? couldn't even get a good photo of them.. one was folded up & the other had a hi-vis jacket stuffed in the muzzle, not sure why as it was fully elevated at the time.. maybe to warn low flying ducks..


Tank rides cancelled due complaints about noise..


To us it seemed all very jumbled & no sort of order to anything.. shame as was expecting more, as it's a 250mile round trip for us the shows not for us in it's current form..


Good the see Clive again & Rambo..

Edited by Marmite!!
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well went today got there at midday 8 pounds each nice show ground but loads of traders and exhibiters packing up and lots of spaces where pepes had already left the organisers should ensure people stay on site till at least 4 on last day of show if u are going to call a show 2 or 3 day show then thats what it should be not 1 and half days or 2 and a half days, for me it was a 180 mile round trip!:(

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Just got baCK.

Had a brilliant time!


We were very lucky with the weather, rained a few nights, but that was it.

Bought an absolute bargin, a 52mm clock for my landy=£5!


Good to see everyone, chris, dave, pete, kim, lee, ian etc etc.


Only negitive point was people and traders packing up on sunday.

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We popped down on Sunday and really enjoyed ourselves, glad the rain held off. Was great meeting up with Rambo, Dan and the gang again. Rosie we did wave at you, but you probably didn't recognise us as Pete was in a Hi-Vis jacket and it's been a while since RAF Uxbridge. :cheesy:

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Thanks to the organisers. I enjoyed the show very much we were very lucky with the weather, no overt rain during daylight. It helped dampen the hay fever symptoms which were building up on Saturday.


I can appreciate the disappointment from visitors today. I stayed until 1630 in fact it had got quite sunny by then. Lee there was a loud gun thing that was fired the afternoon.


An advantage of staying to the end was to pick up items being sold off cheap by some traders. Given that Tuesday is a public holiday for most people I don't understand the necessity for many exhibitors & traders to clear off early on in the day. I could have understood it more if it was raining.


Tried to examine the ignition systems of some WW2 "German" vehicles only to find one was a Land Rover & the other was a FV432 :cheesy:


Bought some cheap new Dutch overalls (£3) & a nice selection of official manuals even including some in Gaelic :-D

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I would like to add my thanks to the organisers, what a great show again. We are still here chilling out tonight before clearing up and going home tomorrow. We've had a great weekend and enjoyed ourselves.

The FH70s fired saturday and today, a problem yesterday aparently. Living history was good, and all the vehicles in 1 field works well I think.


Keep up the good work, and well done to all the team involved.

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Just got back from the Overlord show after 5 hour drive with the Truck and the 155 and i must say that was well worth the journey down and even booked our place for next years show (shame about the cats:-D)

I take my hat off to all the folk that made this show happen This has been one of the best shows that we have ever attended And i want to say a big thank you to Rcubed/Rosie/Mervin/Tank and the rest of the Gang as you made us so welcome THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS.

Landyandy it was a real good crack and will do it again Bud



Can you hear ok now Rcubed:-D



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Not been down to this one for a while so Popped down in the charity Rover today for a quick visit(more to put a couple of miles before the rally and give it a shake down) Nice to see a few faces! On the way down saw a few vehicles heading north. Lots of nice trucks to see. Nice to see that the Pauls drops made it down without falling over:thumbsup: I think Dave needs a bigger caravan or a smaller truck:-)

As others have said there were a few empty spaces but I quess thats the same with all shows people have places to be.


Lots of public wandering around and lots of civvy cars in with displays but some nice displays. A well thought out show that every one seems to enjoy. A cleam LOOs

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Good show tho agree real shame lots people went Sunday. We arrived after 3 1/2 hour ,100mile drive and was parked up by a offficial on a quad bike only for another man (who kept saying- I'm a committee member) to turn up and say /accuse we had taken his rope down and we had to move for his friends from Cornwall which weren't there at 11am satday so after walking back to get the quad bike man we stayed put as directed by him - I thought only war peace show allowed roped off areas for missing friends. Took wrecker in arena sat/sun and after letting millions of landrovers in front of us we were then rushed in and out for the impending battle too start , next year a different entry and exit for arena please . Great music Sunday night

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