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Hello from the land of Hobbits. New Zealand

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We are members of a military and home front preservation society, with a large collection of uniforms, equipment and vehicles. Group members have a number of vehicle projects at present and some of them include:

1918 Indian Power Plus (probably US military scheme)

1938 Hillman Minx Naval Staff Car

1939 Standard Flying 12 Staff Car

1942 Indian M741B Desert Scheme

amongst others.


We look forward to becoming part of the community.


Adam & Dayna



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Hi,welcome to the forum which part of Hobbit land are you from(i presume the south island as that was were it was filmed).We are planning to come over next february/march to see some friends is there any military based museums/ collections or events that you could recommend.We will be mainly in the south but might have time to go to the north island.Is there a New Zealand MVT.


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Hi Simon.

Top of the South Island. A town called Blenheim is home base. There are a few attractions of a military nature in NZ.

Firstly (and most importantly) the South Island.

The main RNZAF Museum is located at Wigram (ex airforce base that never should have been closed).

In Blenheim we have a very well presented WWI aviation based heritage centre. The head hobbit (Peter Jackson's) own private collection is on display there.


If you go up north the main Army Museum is based at the Waiouru Army Training Camp and there is the National Museum in Auckland which also has large displays of militaria, weapons and a surviving Zero.


I can link you with some of the 44 South group who have a large collection of vehicles.


There are members all over belonging to various Military Vehicle groups but there seems to be a 'barrier' between militaria collectors and MV owners. (shame really)


Let us know when you are in country and we might be able to organise a meeting.

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Thanks for the info,our friends live in Dunedin we came over a couple of years ago and had a tour round and did lots of the touristy things.Managed to get to one car show and a Truimph motorbike weekend.I did meet a nice couple from New Zealand at last years War and Peace show who were over here buying military vehicles etc, they said there was a lot of owners/collectors over there,but due to the strength of your currency it was cheaper to buy in the USA and UK and ship home.


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