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2 x AEC Matador Gun Tractors

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A member from our North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds MVT club has taken on the massive task of restoring not 1 but 2 AEC Matador lorries.

The first one is a 1945 Matador Gun Tractor complete with original rear body but converted to a snowplough/gritter, salt and time have taken their toll.

The second one is a 1942 Gun Tractor which missing its rear body and converted to a civilian recovery vehicle.

Both vehicles were found in Aberdeen and transported back to Oxfordshire last year.



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Thanks,its a long road but worth it for these lovely old trucks.scott.heres a couple of the militant at the local show in the summer still work in progress but good to warm up that 11.3 aec lump.scott

Posted Images

With the body removed and sheeted up outside for later the cab/chassis is shoe horned into 'Scotts' engineering workshop (note the ceiling removed to gain assess)

The rear chasis is shot blasted and primed one section at a time due to limited space.








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Excellent, like others I'm really looking forward to seeing this thread develop. You don't happen to have the reg numbers of these do you by any chance?



dont at moment will let you know if i find anything out.scott

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dont at moment will let you know if i find anything out.scott


Ok thanks. If you do that would be great as I like to keep track of Matador's that are still around.



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I have posted some photos of the 2 aec's that you are restoring in my album AEC on my profile page. I am really looking forward to seeing them come back to life again. Keep up the good work.


:-) Lynn

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Just wondered how the restoration was going. Any more pics yet.




Hi Lynn,I will endeavour to get some more pics on,works been tough the last 6 months but I have most of the back end painted and ready to assemble,the back of the cab is back on and I am currently making a new floor prior to doing the wood round the drivers door,so progress but slow.hope you are well,all the best scott.



  • :-)



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Popped round to Scotts workshop today to checkout the progress, the rear Ash frame is finished now with a mixture of new & old timber.

The front Ash frame is 50% renewed & reskinned with new lazer cut panel work.









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The front wheel arch & associated metal work were all coroded away due to the vehicles previous life as a snowplough/gritter so Scott beat a new curved arch in 2mm sheet steel cutting & welding in the original places








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