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Range Wrecks


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Vickers Mk1 supplied to India and in this case Kuwait. A medium tank with a conventional layout. Armed with an L7 105mm main armament and two .30 Browning MG and one .50 Browning RMG

The vehicle was a budget Centurion with many modern components. It had an L60 main engine taken from Chieftain as was the TN12 Gearbox. It also has a three cylinder diesel engine that drove a generating set when the main engine was switched off.

Kuwait received 70 as did India however India manufactured around 2000 under licence and called them Vijayanta.

At least one of the production vehicles stayed in the UK and all of the pre production/prototypes were kept by Vickers Defence Systems. Where these vehicles went is unknown. Perhaps one or more have survived in the UK. There are still many sat in the desert in Kuwait, doubtless hundreds in India.




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there was also a churchill on the area in the early seveties remember camping by on a escape and evasion ex with the cadets.








Some more taken at Haltern near Munster. All pictures are fairly old but I'm told most of the wrecks are still there. These ones include Conqueror, Centurion, AMX 13, M47 and Centurion ARV. I was told before I went there that the tank that is upside down was in fact a German WW2 vehicle. I was very excited but alas no.



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Sherman Target at Biville France


ooooohhh...now you've gone and done it...:cheesy:

.....I've been slathering and dreaming over those Shermans at Biville for quite a while....even got them marked in on my Google map.........worked out road access to them .....how I'd recover them off the dunes...the whole lot....yep..

..all I need now is a good few grand to go and bother the French Government with :D

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well mate should you ever go after them I'd be more than happy to put my 30 odd years of heavy plant operation (amongst many other useful skills all learnt at the school of demolition / dismantling / scrap cutting etc !) at your disposal....:D

......I'd be happy to consider a month or so over there rescuing them as a crackin holiday mate ...certainly no payment needed ! (well.........apart from having a small share in the recovered assets ! hahah!)

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