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Range Wrecks

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I know Horsten Camp in Bergen but were is this Horsten located?


Thanks in advance




I am being very dim, it is not Horston but Haltern SW of Munster. Quite a large training area mainly used for recovery training. Quite a few wrecks there including three Conquerors. They do move around quite a bit there is some information about them in Bob Griffin's book Conqueror.

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Two more Sherman that are now long dead.

Below: A later build Sherman that was part of a batch that was given to Canada by the US at the end of the war. There are many undamaged examples in cities around Canada. This one was in the impact area at the British Army Training Unit Suffield BATUS. We moved it in the late eighties so it would be within the range template for Chieftain and Challenger.




Below: An early vehicle that was on Lulworth ranges. A few days after this was taken the turret was taken off by a hit from a 120mm DS/T. Technology obviously moving on for practice ammunition to do that damage at 1000m. I promise the next pictures will be better quality.






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Loving your pictures but I hate seeing armour all smashed up on various ranges .....especially Shermans! oh I could cry :cry:


Sorry about that, I have some of the Canadian ones in Various places in Canada somewhere. They are still in situ and looked after although the ones I have seen have most of the inards removed. I will dig them out and post them, might not be soon as we have just moved house.

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