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My copy of a RAF Fordson armoured car

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Hi all just a update it is slow going what with the weather and my arthritis but I will get there for next month hears a few photos. I have also got my caunter paint scheme by Mike Starmer he as kindly don me an outline drawing of it with the colours for it. Anyone know of a good auto electrician near Barnsley. Cheers Bill :laugh::laugh:

rr9 007.JPG

123 026.JPG

rr6 046.JPG

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What a great project, very impressed. Can't wait to see it finished.


I don't see any problem in recreating vehicles that don't exist. They have been building new traction engines for quite a few years now. Why shouldn't it be the same for military vehicles.


Good luck with the rest of it. :wow:

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Must try harder to find these threads in future, looking superb and a great credit to you. Love the subject as well but i am biased, hopefully we will bump into each other and get some pics together as i am into north africa myself. Crack on with the work its looking good. Friend of mine did a marmon herrington on a landrover chasis and recieved no complaints, based on the same problem as you had....just not out there to buyRegards Tim

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This bloody British weather it is really putting me back just extended the steering and fitted the air filter cost me £45 to extend the power steering pipes with new rubber hoses now just a few more jobs on the engine and a radiator fan and that part will be don. Then the dreaded wiring all I want is just two weeks clear weather to finish it. ha-ha .:nut:


ac 003.JPG

ac 005.JPG

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Test day IT FAILED no surprise it needs kingpins and one ortwo jobs for the retest here is a vid of it on the road . :nut::nut:[video=youtube;xjcC65Q-SEU]

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I know it is bit late to suggest, but a Roll Royce B80 engine would be nice alternative. They seem to be used in the Bentley 4.5 litre replicas.

That’d be great to have it in the car and it will fit but it will have to be for later. cheers bill:)

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