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Royal Navy Windproof Smock


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I believe that these were made for flight-deck use on carriers and heli-decks......the various tags, etc, were meant for securing communications kit wiring from the helmet and mic to the body to prevent it getting caught when waving the arms around ! These are not that old, either, I believe dating from the 1990s going by the labels fitted that appear "modern".......


During the 1970s and 80s most Naval carrier deck crew and others wore the blue nylon MK111 waterproof jacket, an arguably good bit of kit, fitted with a hood with built-in-peak, adjusting straps & buckles, and in-built padded earcups !!! There was a rather rare green version of this garment too, favoured by Marines........early versions of both have button fronts in place of velcro on later models.....

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I'm pretty sure these date from before the 1990's as I had one from an old surplus place called 'Talbot House Textiles' oop north somewhere back in 1978. I think they go back further than that and were only issued to a few people on the carrier. Very role specific. The nylon one was a more general deck crew issue IMMSMW.


There are also trousers which were fitted and worn with braces and had a drawcord waist and elastic ankles. Lined in cotton drill they had the same odd three or four piece thick reinforcements on the knee as are found at the elbows. A single pocket on the front left thigh as on WW2 windproof trousers.


You're probably correct Dave.....the ones I've seen have all been NOS and with modern metric-sized labels, although the one shown is a Size 2, suggesting early to mid-1980s when such sizes were phased out, probably as you needed a stores catalogue handy to explain the correct fitting for the numbered sizes....


During the same period, the MoD introduced a number of "Goretex" and "Ventile" garments, including civvy stuff for security, police, etc, but seem to have negated the breathability of some of these by employing non-breathable linings....:undecided:

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Reviving an old thread I know, forigve me. It would appear these (and the matching trousers) date back to around the early to mid 1960s. They are indeed flight deck protective clothing. I've attached some photos from the period. Unfortunately the most distinctive identifying elements are hidden beneath the surcoats but elements such as the buttoned lower pockets, large double-button flap at the collar, elasticated outer cuffs etc. are visible.



flight deck 1960s.png

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