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New event in North East Scotland?


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A few of us up here have been talking about setting up a new show for heavy / ex-military vehicles.

There is quite alot of stuff in the area but, as most of the SMVG activity is further south, the distances stop many people traveling to shows. We did have a couple of good shows at Grampian Transport Museum in Alford but it did not become a regular event. There has been a steadily growing military section at the Vintage Working Weekend at BA Stores in May. The BA Stores site is very good and the owner is quite interested in a vintage military show. The site has hard roads to all areas so access is good, there is room for mobile displays, scope for some mild off-roading and possibly enough water for fire kit to have a play.


How many people would be interested in a show up here? we need to organise dates that wouldn't clash with other events. The Working Weekend is in May so a date towards the other end of the season would be good, late July early August?


What do people think to the idea?

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Hi Steve

I am up for it of course, it would be great for others to see the Milly winching a Scammel :-D


I should know my roster in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I will make at least some of the shows this year!


I know there are plenty of green (and sand) vehicles out there hiding, this would be a good opportunity to get some dust blown off, get together with like minded nuts and let other enjoy your efforts!

Also an opportunity to have a swap/sale of all that extra stuff?



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Hi Kevin, we have talked about doing a military thing at BA for the past few years and there is quite a bit of interest, but unless we pick a date and do something it will never happen. You are right about the size of the site, I wouldn't expect to fill it but there is lots of scope to start in the wooded area and expand. As well as the usual crowd that go to BA Stores there is at least one Green Goddess owner interested and I have been talking to someone with a Cat D2 and some military generators he could display.

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I attended the 07 and 08 events at the museum and had a great time.


I remember the saracen. The museum staff spent most of the day trying to get it running.


I think I have some photos of them working on it and some video of it running.


I've also been to a BA stores weekend and thoroughly enjoyed that one too.

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Time for an update.

Quite a few people have expressed interest in this, the concencus is that the best format would be an informal weekend gathering with camping available Friday and Saturday nights, bring your own food and drink. Entry will be free but as BA Stores supports various charities, donations would be well recieved.

If the weekend is a success then it could be developed in future years, depending on the popularity this year.

Although there will not be an "entry list" as such it would be useful if people could post in this thread if they are planning attending and what they might bring.

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I spoke to Allan Brownie at BA earlier on today.

Everything is looking good to go, we have the use of the usual wooded area, 4x4 track, tank/heavy off-road area, space for caravans/camping, toilets and water.

I am going to go over at the weekend to make some final arrangements with Allan and strim some of the longer grass in the woods.

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For one reason or another I never got around to updating this, but as the second event will soon be upon us I had better put up some pictures from the first one.

We didn't have that many people turn up but the range of exhibits was quite good, from armour to plant.

in no particular order we had;

Canadian M37 Dodge

Hotchkiss M201 Jeep

Ford Jeep

Dutch M38A1 Jeep

Austin Gipsy

Scammell Explorer

Morris MRA1

Caterpiller D2 (ex army)

Tangye Generator set (ex RAF WW2)

Bedford MJ

Centurian ARV

also a CommerQ4, ThamesE4 and Austin K9 that live onsite.


A good time was had by all and we were lucky with the weather with one of the few dry weekends last year.


















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For one reason or another I never got around to updating this, but as the second event will soon be upon us I had better put up some pictures from the first on.


Oh, go on then, tells us where and when for this year ....


I haven't got any trucks in this area but may be able to nip down from the day job.

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