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Stolen from my garage


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This morning I found out my garage had been broken into. £900 worth of equipment stolen; welder, tool cabinets with hand tools, 2 x gensets, pressure washer etc.


One of the gensets is a bit unusual and could be ex-military so I thought it may be worth posting a couple of pictures here in case it pops up at a sale somewhere.





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Really sorry to hear about your break in - and I will keep my eyes peeled.


For what its worth I would recommend watching ebay like a hawk - I actually recovered some property that way recently and its worth the effort (especially as a conviction or two is in the offing as well)


The other thing I would strongly recommend for those folk who want to avoid a similar problem is a SMARTWATER kit. Our local crime prevention team were actually giving the kits away, but even if you have to buy the stuff it is worth it in my opinion.




I am nothing to do with smartwater by the way, I just think its a very good deterrent especially with all the stickers and signs that go with it!

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One of my son's neighbours had their quad stolen last week, police didn't want to know, however word has come back and we now know where it went. The thief is a local farm lad who has never been able to keep his paws off other peoples property but I think in the very near future he is going to be taught a very sharp lesson:cool2:

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