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Anyone out there have any experience in removing the gearbox from a Snatch Land Rover?


I'm in the process of stripping out the seat base, on the basis that in a standard Landy you can remove the floor to access the gearbox. But the more I remove, look and prod, the less it looks like the floor will come out.


Do I have to remove the gearbox from underneath? Is it possible to remove all the bolts holding the bellhousing to the engine? Or do I need to remove engine and gearbox together.


Any and all advice gratefully recieved.




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Im no expert but when I helped a friend of mine with his 90, we removed the gearbox cross member and dropped it down, we removed the bellhousing cover to gain assess to the bellhousing bolts. Might be different for a snatch? Does it have a removable gearbox crossmember?


Hope this helps a little




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Might be worth registering with the EMLRA forum...there is excellent information on there specifically related to all things Land Rover and 1 or 2 people have first hand experience with Snatch Land Rovers...


good source for spares too....






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do you really need to remove it ?

the only way is to remove from underneath , unless you can lift off the 1.2 tons of body from the cab floor....which will in turn need removing.

If your hi-low and diff lock are seized then you are best to remove the box because space underneath is tight to access.


If its just your handbrake seized , the job is possible to do with box in situ as is replacing transfer box.

All the above mentioned jobs I have done.


I would suggest a 4 post ramp that will lift 2.7 tons of snatch is the best option in removing the gearbox , however railway sleepers a 3 ton trolley jack a good engine hoist and a friend whom has plenty of spare time and patience and you wil achieve the same result.

The complete vehicle will need to be level and lifted about 2ft so the gearbox can be lowered and slid under the chassis rails.

I will post a few pics here when I get a minute.

All good fun and adventure of the vehicle

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Hi all,


Thanks for all the really useful responses. The answer is Yes I think I really need to remove it as it makes unpleasant noises when under load, particularly in 3rd and 4th. These tend, although I now think my mind is playing tricks, to go away when you press the clutch.


Any thoughts on what else it might be gratefully received, as it now looks the task might be more 'interesting' than I first thought.


I did clock that i could remove the gearbox cross member, but the access to the top of the gearbox is only through a small access panel around the gearstick, diff lock lever. But based on the responses I'm assuming I can get to everything I need somehow. No four post lift for me :-( but I do have an engine hoist which I was thinking could be used to lift/support the gearbox through the access panel mentioned previously. Not sure I can find the bits to suspend it 2' in mid air though....


The pictures will be a great help when you get the chance.


Thanks again to you all,




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I seem to recall that they come out up through the floor - but I will find out for certain tomorrow and let you know. And whilst the rest of the vehicle is quite heavy the gearbox isn't. so it is not too much of a mare to manhandle.


But Ill get back to you!

You must be a well built bloke then!:-D The original fixed type cross member can be cut off and either replaced with a later bolt on one or rewelded. The only other known way for the box to come out of a hard topped body is through the right hand door.


When refitting the engine has a habit of dropping. Well worth packing level before you start.

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Ok now because the cab floor is not removeable like a normal defender landrover, (its a moulded vpk section with feet that fit on each front outrigger and the 2nd outrigger,and has the full weight of the back composite body on it)

You can either somehow take the weight of the rear body off this (requiring crane/forklift or hoist) then somehow manipulate the floor out.....

This option I considored not to be at all viable !


As the Snatch like most military defenders has a removable crossmember under the gearbox its simpler to take the gearbox out from underneath,a headache yes but simpler to the diy owner.




Note the prop to support the engine, (which will drop once gearbox is disconnected)





Ensure vehicle is level ground and stable !





At this stage I decided to sandblast the whole chassis prime and paint before refitting gearbox..





this view shows how some sourced railway sleepers were used to lift the complete vehicle high enough to remove the gearbox from underneath.

An engine crane was used through the passenger door to support the gearbox, mountings undone, gearbox seperated from engine,(all bolts are accessable from underneath the vehicle and by removing the air filter inside the engine compartment) then slowly the gearbox can be lowered to the floor.




On examination my box had suffered from the hi/lo ratio and diff lock being seized,

No wonder with half the Iraq desert which had set like concrete around linkages to transfer box.






cleaned and repaired, a lot of effort to do this job as access is not available from the top like a normal defender !





also a good time to check clutch components before refitting.




many hours later with chassis painted and gearbox relocated, using same method as removal.


A task that requires lots of time patience and space.

A garage could undertake this job far more effectively and efficiently Im sure, however the cost may be quite considerable.




My enjoyment comes from taking em apart fixing em and putting em back together again


26KK58 was road registered in July 2011 and has travelled from its new home in Somerset to

War and Peace show Beltring Kent

LRO show Peterborough

4x4 Sortout Newbury Showground

Plain Invasion HMVF event

Help for Heroes Bournmouth Aviation Museum


Not without fault (its a LandRover after all)

It has been taken apart and put back together again, if any fellow snatch owners need any advice feel free to ask I will help with advice and respond as time permits



2011_0416_203047 (800x600).jpg

032 (800x600).jpg

037 (800x600).jpg

2011_0417_142856 (800x600).jpg

2011_0417_180519 (800x600).jpg

2011_0417_142831 (800x600).jpg

2011_0517_170035 (800x600).jpg

2011_0408_163218 (800x600).jpg

2011_0417_180750 (640x480).jpg

2011_0603_212015 (800x600).jpg

2011_0710_121337 (800x600).jpg

2011_0717_202528 (800x600).jpg

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more thanks for the additional replies, with particular thanks to Colin for the photos and detailed commentary :-)


Well impressed with the finished product. It's given me various ideas for next summers work.


Guess it's a long weekend ahead under the Landy for me then :-)


I'll be sure to take some pictures as things progress and keep the forum posted.




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ThankS alot for the pictureS and poStSm I've taken on the Same project but I'm Sure I know leSS in the land rover world at the moment. I'd like to aSk what the gear box waS in need of apart from the blaSt around the linkageS on the outSide?

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