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Canadian MK1 Ferret Call Sign 31

robin craig

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Call sign 31 came home last week on the CVR(T) holleybones behind a tractor all on my own. I have been so happy with this fabricated piece of kit and have ideas for the improved Mk2 version.


The Cranberry coloured shed is called the Daimler building here at home, it house our Ferret parts, not the gardening tools!


I now have to prep where it is going to sit and cover it, still have to build a garage this summer, little does my sister and her man know but when they visit from the UK they will be handed a hammer each! I think it will be called the Ashchurch building.



CS Ferret 2.jpg

C-S 31 Ferret Home.jpg

CS 31 Ferret 1.jpg

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I'm more of a Lambretta kind of guy or a BSA with Sturmey Archer 3 speed.





I was a solid Trumpet fan for years...pic of my old one


It now lives in Toronto (yes, I know, one I should have held on to...spent enough rebuilding her, thats for sure!!)...now, If I can just find a decent Norton Big 4:D


But this one is keeping me busy right now

Harley Davidson - Armstrong.jpg


you coming out to the Bunker this weekend? I think you have a note sent to miss work :-)

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As you will have noticed absolutely nothing has happened for quite a long time.


We tried doing things at work but it really caused more problems than I ever could have imagined. This triggered a very large decision to be made domestically, build a garage first then restore the Ferret.


There has been a lot of head scratching and a design was struck and work has been going on, slowly. We are now in December and I am supposed to get 5 weeks of holiday a year but have only had one week thus far and that was at 20 hours notice, so working takes a lot of my time up.


Anyway, a building we have gone.


Here are a few pictures of the build process so far. This past weekend saw 8 degrees above zero and some spare time which is unheard of in our part of Canada.


Holes were dug and sonatubes inserted with big feet bases and concrete poured and re-bar inserted and saddles fixed in place.

Ashchurch 12.jpg

Ashchurch 10.jpg

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For those who don't know we have to get a minimum of 4 and I like 5 feet below grade level to protect from any chance of frost heave in the spring.


We decided on what we call a pole barn style building, cheaper on concrete and we will not have a concrete floor for a while. I have watched others for a while and a roof and walls are the key elements, plywood can last a long time and if you level the floor will work well.


I am on a budget and we had to replace the family jalopy 6 weeks ago which was a nuisance and blew the budget.


A surprise windfall put us back on track and the delay in winter allowed me to fill the garage with random field stone which was a salvage scoop 3 years ago, knew we would need it somewhere sometime.


Once that was in I then had to pick through it all and remove the pieces that were just too big.


Then I filled it up with 3" crushed limestone mixed with fines and installed a drainage tile around the outside and backfilled around.


I can now start the wood framing and go upwards even if we get snow and frost in the ground. Feels good to have finally caught a bit of a break on the project.


I am feeling quite enthused and keen to continue despite the cold that I know is coming.





Ashchurch 17.jpg

Ashchurch 20.jpg

Ashchurch 18.jpg

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Recently at work we have been in the process of repairing another Ferret and that has given me some inspiration also.


Add to that it is the end of the year and I just received my honorarium as a volunteer Fire Fighter on the island we live on and that has topped up the restoration fund a bit.


I am now lining up parts that I can refurb over the winter when I am not swinging a hammer.


Feeling much better that a place and the funds are once again in place to get going.


I put the family car inside the garage and our tractor and there is still room. 24 ft by 26 ft isnt the hangar I wanted but I am able to afford this.



Ashchurch 19.jpg

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