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Dear all,


Brief funding up date.


Just to keep you all up-to-date funding is in hand - funding to help in transport costs of the tanks. You will need to appreciate that it is a long and arduous task and a lot is now going on behind the scenes and these aren’t that relevant to many, so no need for me to go into detail. You will also appreciate that A&E 2012 is going to be 4 times larger than A&E 2010 so it needs 4 times the effort and 4 times the amount of time from me so please forgive me if I am not around very often.


Going through the many revenue streams which includes Lottery Funding and going out and speaking to many companies at local and national level is now taking my time, please be patient and as soon as I have an up-date early next year I will let you all know :)


So please no need to be concerned – just concentrate on getting your vehicles fit for A&E 2012.



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