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WOT8 - 5/11/11 Mail newspaper supplement p26 WW2 image

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Anyone seen this interesting and rare b/w photo of Fordson WOT8 in Navy marking, possibly 30AU transport.


Although image taken from the front, definitely a WOT8 30cwt as opposed to the 3 tonner WOT6 as no cab roof lifting handles (only 3 tonner removeable cab top) and earliest contract circular ventilators on cab front rather than later 'letterbox' shape type.


Anyone have any info, confirmation of unit, or photo date / location etc please?


got to get a copy for the vehicle info board - will also ask to post here (subject to copyright?)

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This is the magazine image - looks like a Beach Groups anchor insignia. the vertical white line seen in the cab is in fact the light showing through the slightly opened ventilation hatch in the rear of the cab wall - but what are all the other less legible text markings, particularly the one at the top of the windscreen?

WOT8 Daily Mail Weekend 5Nov2011.jpg

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I also saw the magazine and using a magnifying glass, thought it looked like a name and rank, driver maybe? The QL is also carrying something similar. On the QL front wing can be seen the letters RU, which makes me wonder if these vehicles are not part of a RN unit who travelled the coastal ports from Normandy as they were liberated and got them back into usable condition, called MLRU, Mobile Land Repair Unit. The text next to the picture mentions Antwerp port. There was a thread on MLU forum started a few years ago on the subject of RN vehicles and the subject of MLRU came up.

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