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300tdi defender electrical problems - loosing the will to live with it!

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Hi All,


I have a P reg 90 300tdi defender that I am having problems with, I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


I have just finished the rear cross member along with other issues, its now time for MOT - however, I took it down there and the electrics were causing grief. It was failed because the headlights dim slightly every time the indicators flash. I cleaned the earths under the seatbox on the gearbox and took it for a re-test today. It was fine when it was here, drove it to the garage and it was playing up more than ever!! with the lights and the indicators on, the fog light warning light was faintly on and the radio was also effected - on top of the front lights playing up.

I really am at my wits end with it and only have 2 days to cure the electrics before I loose the free retest.

any ideas guys? the only thing I can think to do is a new earth off the bulkhead to g/box? where are the earths located?

Also with wipers headlights and heater on, neither work to their optimum or anywhere near. (the rear of the car is not effected)


The chap at the garage told me tap into the earths on ALL of the front lights, and the rear indicators, then earth onto the chassis, I don't think that is the best answer?


any input would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks, Simon.

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try earthing the headlights to the body as i have found in past that the connecters that earth the headlights do not work at there optimum after years of corrosion , it should cure the problem as the normal h/lamp earths run to a common point with all from front end and the dash

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Great news, the old problem, electricity is lazy. What a lot of people don't take into account is the electricity runs on the SURFACE of a conductor. Multi strand will carry more current. Spray with clear laquer, that helps keep them clean.

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