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CVR(T) Sabre


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Hi Chris, that is the best looking J60 engine i have seen.Note the Kigas jets fitted to Inlet manifold.Lots of these engines fitted with Kigas jets all haveCon rods through the block,i suppose driver running engine in dragster mode.Do you have any instructions on replacing a J60 Head Gasket set.Thanks :-D

Why would the Kigas system cause connecting rods to damage the block? I thought Kigas system was used to help start the engine when it is cold.

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I don't see it either, can someone enlighten us please?



Running with Ki Gas increases the power output, but lifts the internal stress levels above the metals capabilities. Hence blown gaskets and legs out of bed. It should only be used sparingly for starting.
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J60 engines in service threw rods through the side without the use of Ki-Gas.


I did see the engine on a Lister factory tug once where someone had slipped a plastic pipe down the air intake and used a can of Start Pilot to give the thing a boost, think they might have been 'racing'. The end result was it did not run well, a twin cylinder air cooled diesel. When the heads were removed, one piston did not reach the top of the bore, suffered a bent con rod. You can easily blow a head gasket from using too much of these ether based starting aids, seen that many times.

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