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Sankey tralier - any idea of age?

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Hi all, this is my restored Sankey, I could really do with your help!


Firstly, does anyone know the age? Am I right in thinking it is a Narrow track? Also, what is that flap for at the back?


Veh no. 41 ET 22 - chassis 2012 - contract no WV/5307 - CODE 2855, 0790
















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Yes it's a narrow track, ET puts the contract date at 66/67 but it could be younger depending on how many trailers the contract is for. The flap is for the water bowser that fits in these trailers.


I have a friend in the USA who has a stock of NOS vinyl tops for the M151 in the background if you need one!



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Thanks for the reply, it still has RAF roundals visible, it also has something like 'not suitable for road use - training aid only' on the side, would it have been for sling practice? mechanically it is very good, like it has seen little use.

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