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Horrible crash on the M20 last night. :(

funkmaster red

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I have only met Mark last week when he spend the night in my house with his mates whilst on the way to Italy. Can't really comprehend that it's already the last time I ever saw him. Was going to stay with them at beltring....


May he rest in peace..

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I received this email during the night!


I feel I should forward this email..............very sad news......

You will havemet Mark on the Bethune runs, the Blossom Runs, at War and Peace and at ourWeald Xmas party a couple of years ago as well as other Imps events.

A very sad dayfor Imps..........




----- OriginalMessage -----

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 8:03 PM

Subject: sad news

Hi All,

No doubt some of you will have heard already but as we were returning from our jeep tripto Italy last night the jeep of Marc Open and Robin Cecil was involved in a terrible accident. They were hit from behind by a Polish van on the M20 nearSellinge at about 9.30pm. The jeep was flipped over end to end and ended up side down. John Corden and myself arrived a couple of minutes later followed alittle after by Richard Starr. The outcome was that Robin was thrown clear and has suffered a broken collarbone and broken finger(s) but Marc tragically died later.

I will give more detail at the next Board meeting but I would like people to give some thought as to how we can advise club members about upgrading visibility on our slow moving vehicles as well as general movements at night on busy roads.This is our first fatality (as far as I know) in this manner but as James Shopland can attest it is not the first motorway accident in this manner.

I can becontacted at my shop every day but I thought that you should all know asap as Ithink that something must be sorted out that will not only be for the safety of our members but the vintage vehicle movement at large - after discussions amongst ourselves I propose to contact the FHBVC regarding this.





Mark, RIP....... (Words can never say enough at time like this... God Bless)

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My deepest condolences to his family.


We have a problem with our slow moving vehicles on modern roads. Things are not helped by lorry drivers driving like maniacs. I just returned from a road trip to Holland to check on the progress of my 1945 Dodge WC51 restoration. On the way down I had to call the police, as a 18 meter long heavy lorry (Polish) was driving very dangerously and weaving back and forth over both lanes on the motorway.... My guess is that he was A/ Intoxicated B/ Dead tired C/ Both. He was inches away from causing a bad accident.


We will make a trip to Italy in the summer of 2012 and I plan to equip all the participating vehicles with a yellow flashing light in the rear, to make ourselves more visible to approaching vehicles.


A sad, sad day.....


Goran N




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Trouble in UK is that orange flashing lights are only suppose dto be on slow maoving vehicles. And with the height of a Jeep or Dodge you'd rissk bliding those nehind. I'd suggest three rows of red leds one on each upright and across the top of the back tilt frame.

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for the smaller vehicles I think a well sorted light bar on the back may well be a recommendation we should all consider...i am certainly thinking about something as the lights on my M62 are awful at the back...I am going to fit some LEd lights and indicators...


but perhaps we should talk about this in another thread, we should keep this thread open for those to pay respects to MARC AND HIS FAMILY...

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Hi all


yes, we had just spent a great 10 days driving 2000 miles, seeing lots of sights and having a great time. It was a case of one last meal together on the ferry back to Dover and we all headed off home. It's such a shame, Marc was a lovely guy and a dear friend and I will miss him terribly


It's nice to see all your kind words...





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Tony Lawrence and I were in my Jeep a few minutes behind Marc and Robin.

We followed after them on the M20 from the ferry and came up to Marc and his inverted Jeep in the first lane.


I will not say any more, and wish others would not speculate on the accident which is subject to investigation by Kent Police ....... but we did all we could at the scene.


The "Italian Job" to Monte Cassino and Anzio, via Den Bosch and Motorail to Allesandria was a wonderful trip with many many happy memories and hundreds of photos.


Marc absolutely loved our blast into Rome last Friday.

I took this picture then:




John Corden


IMG_1240 (Medium).JPG

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I can only echo what everyone else has said. I didn't know Marc as a close friend but remember him from the Bethune tours.


I was going to do the Pas de Calaise tour this year in my MB but I think I will feel safer taking the Hippo.


The driving standards in the UK are a disgrace. The M20 North bound seems the worst for lunatic foriegn truckers.


My deepest thoughts for Marcs family at this time and I am sure I can pass those of others who met in France and I hope Robin makes a full and speedy recovery.


Phil Palmer.



Birmingham & West Midlands Area


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Hi all


I have copied this on from details sent by Marc's Uncle Mark regarding the funeral. All those who would like to are welcome to attend and if you come in your jeep or other military vehicle even better







We have now finalised the date, time & location to say farewell to Marc and to celebrate his life. Please can I ask that if there is anyone that Marc knows who is not a member of the site, could they communicate these details by other means if possible.


Date: 4th July

Time: 1pm

Location: Kend & Sussex Crematorium,

Benhall Mill Rd

Royal Tunbridge Wells TN2 5JJ


The wake will be at the Spread Eagle pub, which is approx 3/4 mile from the Crematorium. Follow the link for full details:




Marc is currently located at the Funeral Directors, which is around 16 miles from the Crematorium. We would expect a convoy of vehicles to follow him on his journey from the Funeral directors and will take approx 1 hour, so will commence at approx midday. The address of the funeral directors is:


Fuller & Scott

The Wakelyns, High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1AJ

01825 763241


It is usual I think in these situations that the vehicle carrying Marc (which is kindly being arranged by Richard (REG at G503) - yet to be confirmed as definite), will depart the Funeral Directors and proceed to his home, along with a Limo to pick up close family & friends, before proceeding to the Crematorium. You can of course just proceed directly to the Crematorium, or the pub. All are welcome and refreshments and food will be available.


Marc will be attired in his greens, so for anyone attending, if you wish to wear your 'uniform' of choice, please do not feel obliged to wear the usual suit & tie. In fact Mandy would prefer it, but either way will be entirely your choice.


I will of course publish further details as they become available. Please do not hesitate to contact me by either email or phone - mark.olsen1@btopenworld.com - 07751 080589 if you you need any further info or have any questions.


Kindest regards



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