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Horrible crash on the M20 last night. :(

funkmaster red

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I was on my way back from a VW show in Holland last night and as i was driving through France on my way to Dunkirk i spotted a convoy of 3 awesome 'jeeps' with U.K registrations.


They then boarded the same ferry as me. Upon arrival at Dover, i left the port and started driving on the M20. As i approached the Ashford services i saw the jeeps ahead but as i needed a toilet break i pulled into the services.


5 mins later i was back on the road and saw an ambulance parked in the slow lane of the motorway. I slowed down and as i went past i was horrified to see that one of the jeeps had been overturned onto its roof.


Does anyone know what happened? It looked very nasty, as an owner of a similar vehicle my sympathy and concern go out to the occupants. Someone please tell me they are ok?

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A 48-year-old man has died after a crash on the M20 last night saw the vehicle he was travelling in overturn and both him and his passenger thrown from it.


Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident which took place at around 9.50pm on the London-bound section of the M20 at Sellindge, near junction 10, on Sunday.


A Ford jeep hit a Luton van and overturned, with the 48-year-old and his passenger thrown out. The passenger of the jeep is described as being in a serious condition in hospital.


One man has been arrested by police in connection to the incident.


Now Kent Police's Serious Collision Unit want to hear from anyone who may have seen the incident take place. They should call 01622 798538.


Source: http://www.yourashford.co.uk/p_138/Article/a_14454/Man_dies_in_M20_crash_at_Sellindge_after_jeep_overturns

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Condolences to the families.Very distressing situation for everyone.Driving standards are falling rapidly in the UK.


However, here in France , it is pretty bad too, we see so many cases of absolutely appalling driving.


The French think that a solid white middle line is the time to overtake;the young lady driver appears to be the most impatient!

The standard of driving from the Portuguese and Spanish Truckers is extremely low, the number of times that I have had to 'park' on a roundabout while a 'trucker' pulls his forty-footer out from under my front bumper having failed to observe the standard roundabout rules is unnerving.

Particularly, watch out for the Polish equivalent of the 'white van man', they are usually Merc Sprinters and often pull trailers. They appear to be heading across France to Spain on deliveries. They have no fear! Roundabouts are inconveniences to them and many end up in a heap in the field opposite!

They drive very close to your back bumper, so pull over and let them past!

Anybody coming to France on holiday, feels they want any safety rules, pm me!

Stay safe,



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Paul is that the guy from Folkstone that was looking around my Jeep last year at Combined Ops???


Yes he was the chap looking at your Jeep. He's from the Uckfield area though.

There was another bloke from Folkestone.

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