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1941 universal carrier

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Evening all. Newbee. Put on to site by fellow carrier owners on Mapleleafup.

Had mine nicked from storage North east England, near Stockton during December last. It was wrapped up for the winter at a farm, two guys with lowloader removing it. Theft only came to light about two weeks ago when I went to renew or friendship after her hibernation.

Photos attached show her about five years ago - Universal Carrier Canadian Mark 1* in 8th Army desert paint. Little changed other than water can frame removed from rear.

Any info would be gratefully received.


Regards Rob D

carrier right side 2.jpg

carrier right side.jpg

carrier left side.jpg

carrier frontal.jpg

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Thanks for the input guys. Apparently winched on to rigid yellow lowloader. Assisted in process by site owner! Was told that vehicle being removed on my behalf, though didnt bother to contact me to ok. CID as well as me on the case, though seems like a needle in a haystack job. Vehicle housed behind container, wrapped up, not visible from any road. Ergo - thieves knew it was there.

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