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Just arrived back home after 5 days at overlord, what can I say?

Bloody brilliant!!!!!!

I can echo what someone else said, it had a feel of a mini w+p without the yob element. No loud bangs or music through the night, no chinese lanterns goings off and everyone well behaved.

The new site is superb, well laid out and nice and flat.

All weekend the organisers were popping over making sure everything was ok and asking if we needed anything and asking for suggestions for next year. You really got the feeling that the organisers appriciated you making the effort to attend. We also got a rather nice wine knife as a free gift when we booked in.

Uniformed security were on site all weekend and were constantly wandering around keeping an eye on everything=nice touch.

Toilets? without doubt, the best toilets I have ever seen at any mv show, plenty of toilets throughout the site and the toilet man was on site all weekend and the toilets in my field were cleaned 3/4 times a day!! Overlord has set the benchmark for toilets at mv show's, IMO.

There was also a shower trailer and the showers were spotless all weekend and lovely and hot:-D

The food outlets were reasonably priced and the food was very tasty.

On sat/sun night there was a live rock band in the beer tent who were pretty good.

On friday, we were outside our tent having a cup of tea when all of a sudden alot of the organisers were heading towards the emergency entrance gate, being nosey gits we started watching what was going on:-D One of the organisers was hiding behind my landy directing the other organisers over his 2 way radio, I asked him what was going on and he said nothing, it was just a drill, but the others did not know that!!!

When they were all in place he announced over his 2 way radio that it was just a drill and to stand down.:-D We started chatting to him and he said he was the show safetey officer and it was better to find out if there was any problems with thier emergency drills before something happenend for real, very sensible.


Some photos;


The shower blockSNV30362.jpg


All set up;







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I packed it in at 1530 when the rain started, the irony is that I got wetter in the Pig having to drive with the hatches open than if I stayed put.


I think we were very lucky that the rain held off for so long. We were also very lucky SOE put so much effort into make it happen. Work that started well in advance of the show & is no doubt continuing as I type.


Agree with Rambo the toileting arrangements worked well with a good distribution of the blue boxes reducing queues at a particular point & ensuring one could not be caught short because there were always facilities nearby.


Many thanks to the organisers, I'm sure the new site will ensure a continued growth for this well established event.

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We did not exhibit this year as the Bedford is being un neglected though I wish we had as there were no other RLs there.

Nosing around it looked better with seperate sections and away from those horrible pylons.


At least the weather behaved with only strongish winds rather than the usual monsoon or hurricane that seems to clash with Overlord.


Oh and even better ,we both got in for free :)

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yep totally agree, we took 2 trucks just short of 200 mile round trip from glos down and really enjoyed it. felt like a mv show of years ago and unlike most shows where hi-viz jackets are choking the shows. very safe tho and a well worked arena where drivers were given some credit to be able to drive their vehicles in more than 1st gear.lots of stalls as well!.

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I second the Thank You for taking and posting the Great photo's , Only wish I had a tardis to be able to attend such a outstanding show .The efforts of all show in a clean well though out event. One day I hope to be over there to see it all for myself.

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Thanks for the reviews and photos!!!! It's been a brilliant weekend, I have blisters on my feet, think I have lost about half a stone in weight! But it's been worth it. We are still up here (I am actually still in bed at this very moment!!) just need to tidy up the last few bits and de camp

Again thanks for all the support from exhibiters, traders and those who came in as MOP, we have had another bumper year and look forward to it all again next year!!



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a few pics from overlord show on saturday,i must say what a well organised affair it is,had a good time there (made very welcome thankyou rosie and rcubed),was a recce sorty for me to see the logistics of getting the transporters there next year













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Hats of to all the organisers of this great show. My first time attending and had a ball. Many thanks to Rambo, Danny and the boys for the cuppa's and cake, just what the doctor ordered. All those trade stalls, I'm just glad I took paper and not plastic, I would be living in a cardboard box by now........ Many thanks again to you all.



PS Rambo, you done well getting my good side mate HEHE.....

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I'd just like to add my congratulations to the "Overlord" show team.

We arrived lunchtime friday and were welcomed warmly. We had a fantastic weekend and the whole group enjoyed themselves. Some came home yesterday but wished they could have done the extra night like we did.

Thanks to Rosie and co for seeing us out onto the road lunchtime today when we finally made a move.

Nice pics posted, and thanks again to all the organisers, have a pat on the back and we'll definately be back next year.

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