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1/24th Saladin Test Build

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1/24th Scale Saladin



Afternoon all,

Have just (almost) completed the first test build of the 1/24th scale Saladin kit (just the engine louvre mesh to add)

Have pasted up further 10 large pics, here;-



Just scroll down to Saladin & click the little camera icons to view. Hope you like it & all comments very welcome.


Best regs....H


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Quote Chas, "yours looks ever so detailed"


Well, it is, that's the beauty of the larger 1/24th scale...you can get SO much more in & still have it all visible.....plus it helps with the sausage fingers !! Each of the 24 rounds of ammo has 2 decals applied....8 HESH, 8 HE & 8 Smoke, + 6 empty cases. You actually have to lift the turret out & tun it upside down to appreciate whats in there around the walls. David Jane made a fantastic job of the internal detail.



Pop up to SMW (IPMS Nationals show) at Telford in November & see them in the flesh...no picture can quite capture all of it.


Best regs.....H

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