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Vehicle NAMES and 'CAB ART'

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Leanin' Leana is either a Corbitt Model 50SD6 or a White 666 6-ton 6x6 truck. USA Number 55737.






One of the duties of the 925Th Engineer Regiment, 9Th Engineer Command, is to keep runways clear for operational use. Here, a snow plough(sic) removes the snow from a Cub strip somewhere in Belgium. 12 January 1945.



NARA 342-FH-3A05223-73210AC



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So as not to upset the ruling masters I had better introduce myself again !


I am Steve H from Ludlow and are not currently involved to much with the MV scene but were there in the late seventies, I painted on my GPW the name Muttley, as at the time it was as much about the driver and vehicle combo I think, we were not so interested in the authenticity as just taking a vehicle to shows and having a many interesting time with the people who had used them as they were meant to be, there were a lot of WW2 servicemen still around and able to tell you many a good story then.


Back to the name and artwork, I named my jeep Muttley as at the time it got a lot of awards for being a tidy jeep, hence the name Muttley, give us a medal, from waky races cartoon show, so as much about the owner as the vehicle.


I suspect some of the artwork during the war was much the same, it reminded folk of home.





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