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Vehicle NAMES and 'CAB ART'

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:blush: Yes, I think you could be right! :blush:


Although looking at this one http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?25150-Could-this-be-the-most-poorly-applied-Stencil&highlight=worst+stencil it is only just a little higher.


Mostly Jeep CLHDNS were on the canvas - but if used without a canvas, wouldn't this position be the best alternative?

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The best name I've come across in a while - ASSRON. On the cab of a 4- to 5-ton 4x4 Tractor Truck, most likely an Autocar Model U-7144T.



Original caption: Gasoline truck being filled from underground storage tanks. These tanks were the first permanent installation to be built after the invasion of Ewajelein, Marshall Islands. 5 July 1944



NARA Reference 342-FH-3A41701-63770AC







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Great picture, Robert! I've had that one a while (collecting images of F-1A trailers, and never noticed the name :blush:), but always assumed it was Italy. No white star either???


Seems that ASSRON is/was used an acronym for AIR SERVICE SUPPORT SQUADRON - ARMY. This sounds very much like a post war thing when acronyms became popular, although it does fit with the wartime scenario of the air Forces being part of the Army (USAAF) rather than a separate entity after 1947 (as in USAF).


Perhaps it's best to regard it simply as a great vehicle name :-D

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