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Mystery Object No. 7

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It is for testing the missile, hence the toggle switch..........probably wrong


If that was so why does it have similar features that are on the missile? (I hate say it but you are getting warm)

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Yes well done! The missile is removed from the Hornet, then the "Firing Circuit Test Box" is fitted into the launching arm. There are two 10-pin plugs that locate to the launcher arm sockets. The two spigots on the side are the same as the spigots on the missile & locate in the V shaped receptacles on the launcher arm. These support the missile weight but also are the contacts for the rocket motor ignition circuit.


There are are lot of other circuits that are supplied thought the two 10-pin connectors. Before the missile is to be fired a sequence of circuits have to fire. This includes warming up the filaments of the valves (there were transistors in the power unit only) initiating the firing of the thermal battery & commands to initiate the actuation of compressed air to operate the wings, gyros & final realease catch from the launcher arm (without this the missile could fall out the front if you stopped suddenly). All these circuits needed testing. I have the commands & procedures that run to many pages. So it was never a situation of there's a tank let's shoot at it. A lot of calculation went into the correct elevation of the missile relative to range & a long initiation sequence that also involved the guidance unit & control system which was all valves before a missile could be fired.

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