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Just to let you all know, we are working on this years PIW, things are a bit slow due to campsite issues. I have contacted the Army for a site on the SPTA and I am just waiting for their response.


I would be grateful to know if we still have your continued support for this years event?

We will have full fire, medical and rescue cover this year and we are working on having full convoy comms with the help of Chris and his team of Air Cadets.


All are welcome to this event. The date is going to be the same as last year, 27th & 28th August 2011.

More up-dates as and when I get them.


All the best, hope to see you all soon


Plain Military.

Plain Invasion Weekend.

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Pretty much summed it up there Rich, but you forgot the midnight custard cook off.

Yogi is still looking at the stars waiting for them there spaceships Fred was on about, LMFAO....


Still makes me smile Should be there

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I'll try and get my saracen fixed in time..... it should be, as I hope to get it sorted in time for our Overlord Show 2011, at Denmead, Portsmouth.... and that's the end of May....:undecided:

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Hi Tony and the team,

could be a fair chance that i shall make it this year with the jeep :-D i hope there is a free bar for skittle wittle champions (unbeaten) :cool2:


ever hopefull !



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Will be great to see you again Ash. Everyone missed you last year. Currently working on a web page for our little get together, there will be a registration page for you guys just to jot down your details. Also some old snaps of our other range bashing weekends. Hopefuly have a campsite nailed very soon. More heads up on all this and other news to follow.


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Just a quick up-date. Going to meet up with a very nice person on Friday to sort out our camp site. A new location again this year and I think this is going to be a real treat. Not going to say to much about the location, but everyone that came last year might remember the visit we did, well it is there. We have already talked about some very interesting ideas for this event and pos the future for the event and the location. If we get this site, there is no limits to the ideas we can work on. Remember, 30th anniversery of the Falklands war next year, and we all know what they have in that big shed of theres.

Thats it for now, preying for some great news on Friday.......


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Just got back from our meeting with a very nice lady indeed. well we have been given a blank canvas guys, we have a massive camping area, a big shed full of lovely old things and full support from there team. I will give the location very soon.

During our meeting we where asked if it was posible to put a public display on for one of the days we where there. Me being me said yes, but for a very good reason. With the rising cost of fuel I think a display on the Saturday would benifit all involved. We will still have our Sunday track bash over Salisbury Plain once once the loose ends are tied up with West Down, and We will still have the fun we always have on this little get together.

So what has our new partners offered us apart from a big camp site and shen full of old aircraft and vehicles? WELL, they have offered us the main hall to display around 10 to 15 vehicles in. your vehicles will be displayed along side part of the current collection spanning WW2 gliders to more resent stuff like Chipmink, Scout helicopter and a huey cobra helicopter. It's down to use to decide what we put in there. Running in the same vain as the shed we have a large outdoor area for more displays. radio Com's set ups, Medical, Armour display. If I can find some re-enactors to join us for a day then that will also be thrown into the mix. Also agreed we can display private collections of small arms, uniforms and alike indoors. Like I say, a blank canvas guys. Now the hard work, getting vehicle owners and groups to get involved with what I hope will turn into a weekend that has been missing from this neck of the woods.

Information will be post on our web page. The web site is almost done and please feel free to ask any questions useing the guest book or just drop me an email.

So thats about it guys, sold myself to the devil and going with a public day.

Many thanks for all the support you guys have given me over the last few years, and long may it continue.

Tony and the PIW team.........

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We will definatley be there again this year great location well done guys save space for 4-5 Landrovers from us. We can put on a display to the public and do our Living History bit if you want it for the Saturday.


The Road run was one of the highlights of our season last year so looking forwad to that again might be brave try the wet route!


Would you like to mention it at the Dorset MVT meeting Tuesday and drum up some other vehicles? Any other help needed just ask....






118th signalsregiment


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