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Hello from Northern Germany - with a Dodge WC 58


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A friendly Hello from Northern Germany, my real name is Sylvia and I currently reside in Lüdinghausen near Münster.

I came to this forum via Gordon's WW2 Dodge Forum and the Dennis restoration thread here. Looked around ... great page! ... so I think it's time to join in :cheesy:


As a proud owner of a 1942 Dodge Command Car WC 58 I made a webpage for this dependable vehicles.

command-car.com is a private homepage for Dodge enthusiasts all over the world. With historical photos, a collection of build cards from and for other collectors and some vehicle details of the WW2 Dodge Command. Lots of the info are collected with the help from Dodge forum members.


I love to travel with my Command Car, named "Commander George", so also on the page is a Tour diary, with lots of pics from meetings in Europe like Normandy, Tuscany Column of Liberation and some other nice meetings visited with the Command.


My forum name "Florence" is leant to the WC 54 Ambulance named "Florence Fiona", which is sold in the meantime.


Commander and Florence in Normandy 2009:





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Welcome here, Sylvia. Another friendly forum to be a member of=)


Planning any work on "Commander George"?


"Zé Carioca", my WC51, is currently under restoration in Holland. The company that did the paint job before Normandy 2009 did a very poor job and used many kilos of body filler instead of removing the rust, like they claim to have done....:-(


Also bought a 1945 Bantam T3, ex French army, that is being put back into original shape, also in Holland,


Goran N

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Servus Silva!


A warm welcome to this forum!!!

I only want to tell you, that Commander George and your webside with your perfect pictures gave me the intention for buying a Command Car!!!:-)

I saw your Dodge 2009 in Normandy and this was the beginning of the endless search for a Command Car - thank you Silvia!!!



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Wow - thank you all!

That's a real friendly welcome here to the "Freundlich Militair Fahrzeug Sammler Club" :yay: (btw ... love that cute smily). I'm a bit speachless with amazement.


Mash - what are you doing in Gutersloh? How long will you stay here, there will be a small familiar meeting near Rheine on 3. July and of course some meetings in NL and BE.


Goran, nice to meet you here, too.

Sure Zé Carioca will get best work in Holland! At the moment I'm waiting for better weather and temperatures to do some paint work on Commander George. After all the tours he needs a bit paint here and there.

Will you came to Holland or Belgium meetings this year with Zé Carioca?

I'm planning to go to Normandy and a few meetings in Belgium and Holland.


Thanks to Tony for praising my Art :red: :-). Are you planning a trip over to France, BE or NL?

Bad luck I will not make it to Beltring again in 2011.

Here are two of my drawings which you already know but maybe other forum members are a bit curious now:



Thanks a lot for that compliment on my CC and the webpage Peter.

Few weeks ago I was questioned why I put so much time in a private webpage and I answered if only one Command Car could preserved it's worth all the time ... :D

However it is always a work in progress, at the moment I'm doing some research on the data plates for the early 3/4 ton Dodges.


Maybe I can find the answer here with the other Dodge nuts. Is there a thread regarding Dodge Data plates already? If not I will open one.


Ooops, poor South African Dodges and the Canadian Chevy(?) :cry:



Cheers and greetings to all




Edited by Florence
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