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Land Rover 110 Snatch , seeking parts manuals etc


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My latest project is the above mentioned vehicle. Most parts I have , something very usefull still required are workshop manuals, parts manuals, drawings, diagrams etc.

A few bits missing that I need are drivers seat mount (rhd), windscreen including glass or advice of a substitute.

Hopefully as I progress the restoration when time permits ,I shall post on the forum pictures etc and pass on info .

If anybody can assist with info or parts I would be deeply indebted.

many thanks

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Just be wary if you see a User Handbook for sale. There were 4 for sale on ebay recently. My friend was disappointed to find that apart from the cover there was no Snatchy content, just a Defender UHB inside >:(


I f these were the ebay ones he must have been unlucky Clive, mine contains the UHB for Truck, Utility, MED, Lightly Armoured Protected, (VPK), 4x4, LandRover.

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Chris, what was the document code? This book cover stated it was an AESP but the code didn't conform to AESP structure 1990-S-3031/2/3/4 This was more to do with the date I suspect as it was published Jan 1990. The UHB was for 12v V8 TUM.


The cover was from Courtaulds. But it sounds as if you got the proper one I assume 2320-D-129-201 or possibly 2320-D-127-201

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I'm not too clued up either, but I thought the CAV100 was a different vehicle. If I remember correctly Snatch 2 is the same as Snatch 1 with the desert stuff fitted. I'm sure someone who knows will jump in and confirm.



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Hi Guys


Both Snatch 1 and 3 are covered by the name of CAV100




The Mk2 had the TDI engine and a few other small changes Seats and such likes....


you also had the MK1.5 and MK1.8


the old MK1's were pigs in Iraq and in summer was bloody terrible in the heat.... when use the new Husky and Ridgeback its like night and day.

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Chris I'm not into Snatches, might that be considered to be Snatch 1?


Because there is another AESP sequence including 2320-D-129-201 Truck, Utility, Medium, Enhanced Protected Vehicle (EPV CAV100). Would that be Snatch 2?


Just a slight revive.


Hi Clive do you have this document? As I have this type of vehicle.

Its not a Snatch per se, they were built later around 1999, compared to the Snatchs that were built in 1992-3.

They had slightly better protection and a few design changes such as the 4 large windows in the rear pod and a few other changes including a 300tdi rather than the 3.5 V8.




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Tyler I'm afraid I don't.


I suppose you could make an FOI request on the grounds that you have bought the vehicle legally & wish to drive it safely on the roads. In order to do that you need the UHB, Maintenance Schedule, Technical Description, Modifications, General Instructions & ISPL. No doubt significant sections will be censored but it would not to be an unreasonable request to make.

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