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Your experiences with the Dodge WC series are wanted

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Hallo to everybody!


As a cure against my "green fever" I decide buying a Dodge Command Car from the WC series!


Now I ask the community to tell me the experience they made with the Dodge WC´s.

Can you compare this vehicle with the Jeep? How is it to drive? What are tricks for operating and maintaining such a car etc etc...


I hope you tell me all the pro´s and con´s for such a vehicle!


Thank you

Pete 41

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I've had a Jeep almost six years, and bought a Dodge WC51 in September last year. I've never been interested in car maintenance on modern cars, so was a little apprehensive about the Jeep, but just started with small jobs to build confidence. It will be the same with the Dodge. I have to strip the Dodge Carburettor next weekend as I believe there's a blockage in there. I have the manuals, but as an additional aid, I often photograph everything at each stage of disassembly to help remind me how it goes back.


Driving the Dodge is hard work but fun. At parking speeds, the steering is very heavy, and like the Jeep, it doesn't have a large lock on the steering, so you can quite often do a lot of shuffling back and forwards to park in tight spaces or to turn around.

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Some of the best in my life. Problems, The fuel gauge over reads a bit, and a wire came loose on the ignition. If you are ***off the world has it in for you and life is going to hell in a bucket!! Take a Dodge out for half hour drive! Operating procedure, take your time, think well ahead and remember they are at least 67 years old. Maintanince, good oil and grease. Good excuse on a nice afternoon, out with grease gun, cup of tea optional. Go AWAY!!!, I'm very busy!! Mooching about with a smile on your face.

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The Dodge WC is one of the nicest vehicles I know, both to own and drive.


The steering is heavy when parking, agreed, but a long time MV collector gave me a tip: When parking, or maneuvering in tight spots, just before the vehicle comes to a stop, and while still moving, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction. Takes a bit of practice but works like a charm. This also saves wear and tear on the steering linkage, as opposed to trying to turn the wheels while the vehicle is stationary.


Your right hand foot, the "throttle foot" will get tired (also called "Dodge foot") while driving over long distances, as the throttle is positioned o high up on the transmission tunnel. A way to relieve the tension is to use the hand throttle=)


Good luck with you Command Car,


Goran N

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Of all the vehicles I've owned (Willys MB, M3A1 Half-track, CCKW 353 and Dodge WC51) I think the Dodge, overall, has been the best.

a. The jeep was too exposed at the sides and I always felt I could tip over as I went round bends, plus they're everywhere and don't really attract attention anymore.

b. The Half-track was slow and heavy, physically hard to drive and expensive to run, but attracted lots of admirers at shows.

c. CCKW 353 - big, comfy (ish) but still an unweildy beast to take on the road and that gearbox!!!

d. Dodge WC51 - not exposed, much more solid on the road, easy to drive, easy to maintain ( compared to CCKW or Half-track - not as easy as a jeep though). Decent room in the rear for friends or to sleep in at shows. Very good looking truck - not up there with the Half-track, but it is the 'stereotypical' picture of a WW2 US truck.


At this time, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be driving.


No real downsides I can think of at the moment.

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I drive a Command Car.

Dodge is a double clutch gearbox but easy enough to learn.


A jeep is a bit like a small Dodge Command Car.


As a bonus you'd have a rear compartment for your luggage.

Lots of legroom in the back.

Offcourse you have doors although I never use them.


If you have specific Command Car questions you can ask away.

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