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buried and abandoned tanks


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that's right no turret and i had heard the track was used for the bovy covenanater, there were also roof plates missing and cooling shrouds but there was a reason it got pushed back into the hole and i am under no illusion about the poor condition. if it was easy we'd all have covenanters :)

let's get it out and see what it's like. i plan to recover it in the next couple of weeks

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got to say john it made for a pleasant surprise :)


first pic show the top of the tank looking from the front left corner. on the right you can make out the turret ring, to the left the drivers hatch and in the centre the armoured rad louvre.

the second pic shows the drivers hatch in more detail



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Possibly not even that. I can only think of the Bovington one that came from the same hole and the two bridgelayers in Oz.


There are only 4 Covenanters left above ground level, that I know of, worldwide. The 2 in Aus, one at the Pakapunal base, and one at the Lancer barracks in Sydney, when I last saw it. There is obviously the Bovy one , and I have one here in New Zealand. Cheers Andrew.

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the ground is absolutely great for digging. pure rock/chalk which why i think the tank won't be too bad from the rust. however i have no idea how badly shot up it is.

the recovery also looks to be a straight forward job as the tank is facing up the hill at a 45* angle, which means i can pull it back using the final drives and onto the track. this is my first tank recovery since leaving the army and it seems i got lucky :)

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