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Steyr-Puch Haflinger restoration


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after a long time i post a new restoration of my father, brother and me. my father buys the haflinger over 20 years and was always authentic. he must play on many meetings the transporter. also he was the car for my brother and me's firtst expirience in car driving(very long time a go :D ) (-; and now he have retirement very deserved :-) so we give him a restoration. but it was never us destination to have a haflinger that be nicer than after factory .










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Fantastic I have restored eight haflingers over the years and trialed one very successfully a brilliant little piece of machinery. have you got any history? three of the ones i restored were used by royal navy commando as helicopter tugs....





It's a swiss army haflinger. manufacture year was 1962 and was still in service since 1990, then buys him my father.

we buys him a new top too


it have a lot little parts , those needs the most time...







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Excellent little vehicles those haffi's, :D. amazing for a small vehicle what they are capable of.

I think the pinzgauer was of a similar design, but obviously bigger.


It will look nice when you finish it, will be watching to see the end result, keep up the great work.



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Amazing job!


A friend of mine back in NZ has one quite similar as is looking for an Owners/Operation Manual for the Steyr Puch, Haflinger

Would you know were to find one or a reproduction/copy?





Hi Tor, I am the Club Secretary for The Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK, if you PM me your details I could put a wanted advert in the next club magazine, out mid January 2013, regards xmod 90

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In the right hands they are absolutely incredible off road :)

.... there were a couple in the All Wheel Drive Club over 20 years ago and one in particular that had ( I think?) a Volkswagen car engine transplanted in....with just the addition of a set of dumper tyres that little truck was amazing.

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