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Jeep in British Service


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Hi All,


65 years ago today, my Ford GPW was "Rebuilt to Class 1" by Army Auxiliary Workshop 'B6', as shown on the plate attached to the glove box (picture attached below).


Can anyone tell me anything about Workshop B6?


I have posted this here, as although my Jeep is American built, it was used by the British and came out of service in 1951.


Any help gratefully received!







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Army Auxiliary Workshops appear to have been the larger civilian dealerships carrying out work for the Army.


According to the Austin Champ Owners Club, B269 was Henlys of Weston Super Mare in Somerset who carried out Base Overhauls on Champs in the late 50s.

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I recently restored an ex-British Army Ford GPW, and the engine had a rebuild plate from Singapore Base Workshop REME.


Regarding the Army Auxiliary Workshops, many years ago, whilst trying to trace the history on a vehicle, I asked the REME Museum if the had a list of them, with the B numbers, answer was no. It is possible that in records for the Ministry of Supply ( the oversaw the rebuild programmes) at the Public Records Office, there might be more info.

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Hi, just wondering if you could let me know the spacing of the holes on this Rebuild Plate - I am trying to find out what plate would have been on the centre of the dash on our British Jeep as per the holes on this picture, the hole pitch is approx 1" x 2.5/8", many thanks, Adam




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