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Been a while since I put anything up here, so lets have a little up date, Just before Easter I managed to get hold of the correct ATU for the C13 HF radio set, pretty much NOS! so got that fitted and

Took the FFR up to Leafers's at T'pit the other week, and and all was well until the drive home and seemed like the head gasket had failed :-( Once home and got the head off discovered the head and bl

Another milestone today :-D finally got power going to the C13 and C42 sets in the back of the wagon and had them powered up and making white noise at least :-D

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Its taken way too long, with getting moved around the country, going to hot sandy country's and that massive sports day in London last year to name a few things getting in the way, but it's finally back on the road again. Drove it around when I was back for 2 weeks in July with its new MOT and Free tax disc but now it seems to not be charging the batteries at all, does anyone have any information on how the check if the generator, regulator and rectifier are work or which bit is at fault :-(



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Yer still about mate, just been way too busy with work, moving around with work, getting my own place and a couple of other wagons too, hopefully get more time to spend doing this crazy hobby in the next year or so now :-)

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Still not got round to getting the charging situation sorted yet as I was decorating over winter and work getting in the way etc but have been getting a few things done though. Fitted new series 2 doortops after the old series 3 items where flopping all over the place. Found a series 2/2a handbrake on ebay not far from me so picked it up, painted and fitted one afternoon, along with the second Larkspur radio mount and then refitted both the C13 and C42 radio sets, still need quite a few bits to get the set up correct in the back but not too sure exactly what I need though. found that the rod from an old hand brake expander is just right for use on the jerry can holder with a small bar through the hole and nut on top until I get a wing nut the right thread. Just waiting on some new rear heavy duty springs as the standard ones I fitted years ago can't handle the weight in the back now. On the plus side I took it to its first show in over 10 years at the weekend at Metheringham Airfield in Lincolnshire :-D










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Nothing major but today after work I fitted some new tool straps on the fittings on the tailgate, I did but some on years ago but didn't realise until it was too late that two were fitted the wrong way, also for some reason I'v never been able to fit the spade the right way around so made a couple of blocks to fit under the bracket to enable the spade to fit alot better now :-)




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Basically yes lol :-) all goes back to when the military started using 80" series 1's which in typical military fashion they called a "Rover Mk 1" then the 86 was "Rover Mk 2"

107- "Rover Mk 3"

88- "Rover Mk 4"

109- "Rover Mk 5"

Series 2 88 "Rover Mk 6"

109- "Rover Mk 7"

Series 2a 88 "Rover Mk 8"

109 "Rover Mk 9"

And then when they switched to Negative earth electrics they became "Rover Mk 10" and "Rover Mk 11" respectively. But then for some reason when they introduced the first series 2a lightweights they were called "Rover 1"

(If anyone spots any mistakes I'v made please feel free to put me right lol :-) )

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At the start of "Rover Mk 10" and "Rover Mk 11" , there is a main change , the individual screen wiper motors were ended.

A single wiper motor was used & housed in a box with cover at passenger side (RHD) of dash. The change also included the Bluemells 3 spoke gloss plastic steering wheel (actually IIRC cellulose with black plastic finish) , the wire spokes ended. Other detail changes , mainly electrical.


However "Rover Mk 10" and "Rover Mk 11" , there was a major external change , a early 10 or 11 looks totally different from a late 10 or 11.


The late - the deep sills were ended, so you then see the fuel tank bottoms (as S3) . The headlamps - early Tractor were moved to the wing panels (as S3) , the early inverted T grille mesh was changed to cross-type (still same flat-wire galv. construction) some call this the Maltese Cross grille. There were a few gearbox changes on late (only some) , effectively what is the S3 gearbox , the Rover 11 (109") received the Salisbury axle - ISTR only some.

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Took the FFR and sankey down to Steam at Rutland water this weekend to catch up with a few mates and road going kettles, and also finally got to see another (90 amp) FFR that some more friends own, although its now 12 volts due to ease of wanting to get it done and usable ready for when they take their other (civvy) land rover off the road for a rebuild


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Not alot to report but got an non boarded rear plate today to match the front one and fitted new front wing stays, and found future work for the footwells too :-( just need to give it a wipe over before the village car show tomorrow :-)





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Whilst getting another of my Land Rovers ready for a new engine I decided to swap the radiators over to give the FFR the corroect 2/2a 4 core instead of the (then new) series 3 3 core one I fitted a few years ago





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Not alot to report, but it did win Best Military in show at Leafers at T'pit last month though :-D This week I'v had to replace the clutch master cylinder, and new hinge repair kits for the passenger side door hinges, and found a hole in the bulkhead to patch up too. Only just started welding recently and got a welder off a friend yesterday so its not perfect and it could use a pillar really but I'll see about that once I'v improved on my welding skills








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Picked up an radio battery carrier late last year for the FFR, but was a bit mangled when it was removed so today started cutting out the parts that are too twisted to use and making replacements to rebuild it with.






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Started off the day cutting down some flat bar to the correct withe, and backing the brackets for the new side and cutting and grinding the remains of the old metal off the centre section before cleaning up best I could with a worn flap wheel and welding up the main frame, Hoping to find somewhere to blast the centre section before I weld it in place.















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Bit more tinkering today, had a NOS pair of vehicle battery frames and cable to connect the ATU's to the rear bulkhead arrive today, need to make up some clamps to keep the frames secure so set about routing the cables today, hopefully get some P clips to secure them tomorrow.














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