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Reception Set Canadian R. 103 Mk. 1


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Yes, these were for staff cars etc. Built from about 41 to about 46. If the radios not been used for a few years, the capacitors may very well have died. So don't expect them to be the best in the world. Start the radios on a bit less than 5 volts, and work up to the full 6.3 volts over 24/48 hours or so.

If you can get them working, not bad to listen to world service etc.

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From memory, it's an eight foot whip type. A bit of wire that long will do for testing. The radio I think, is positive earth but I can't be sure as it's about 30 years since I played with one. I will try and look out my notes. An antenna complete with special mounting should be in the kit of bits, if complete.

If you take the radio out of the case, be careful with the valves etc. Only take one out at a time, and pull the base bit NOT THE GLASS!

Also, don't poke fingers in with it running. The power unit produces over 250 volts for the valves, and it really hurts if you touch it! Always keep one hand in your pocket, as this makes sure you don't get a shock across your heart.

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