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New memorial in our village (my brothers project) FUNDRAISING

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My brothers project... read it here.

You can ask for more info at Beltring.


War monument Allied Fallen Soldiers.

After thorough investigation in various archives and war diaries i have found

29 names of Allied soldiers who died in action in WW2 in the communicipality of

Kerkdriel,The Netherlands.

The soldiers are from Great Britain,Canada,Australia and the USA.

There is NO monument what so ever to commemorate these brave men,so i thought it was time to give honour to these soldiers by starting a foundation to raise money for a monument.

These 29 names will be put on a granite slab and will be revealed on September 11th 2010 if all goes well….

We have already 1000 euro’s as a gift! So we are on our way!

We had an interview in the local newspaper to inform people about it.

I hope we can raise the money (4000 euro’s) needed to pay a proper respect to the 29 fallen with a permanent memorial plaque.

Can you help us….????

IBAN/SEPA Nummer: NL33RABO0109139399


Banknaam: Rabobank

Name of Foundation : Stichting Oorlogsmonument Geallieerde Gevallenen.

Lokation: Kerkdriel,The Netherlands.

We are an officially registered foundation at the Chamber of Commerce Midden-Nederland Nr. 30287305.

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We did raise a fair amount for the Normandy Vetrans. what about the same sort of thing?



Would be good.

But I have no idea how except by posting like this.


Here a impression of the plaque. The finished product will probably look somewhat different.



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Further research has revealed a few persons died in other parts of the Netherlands so the number of names will be altered.


Also unveiling will probably be late Oct.

This to give us more time for research and more important, to get the funds...

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This saturday will be the official unveiling of the plaque.


Unfortunately no brothers in arms or family of the deceased could be found.


However the ceremony will be attended by 4 British veterans, 2 from the 53rd Welsh Div, 1 from 30 corps and a member of the 6th Airborne Div, all personal friends of ours.



-We will remember them-

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Today was the unveiling.

Speeches and reception was in our townhall with the Mayor attending.

From there across the street to the church were the monument is.


Here a photo of the cover of the monument, prior to unveiling.



The attending veterans.

Because no reatives or colleagues of the fallen could be found we invited these 4 British veterans, all personal friends.

From left to right.

-Emrys Davies, 53rd Div, 4th bat. Welch regiment.

-Richard Evans, 30 Corps, Guards Armored Division, RASC.

-Arthur James, 6th Airborne, 8 Bat.

-Owen Butcher, 53rd Div, East Lancashire Regiment.




I'll have to make a photo of the actual monument tomorrow because I was accompanying the veterans and we went back to townhall.

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A local female teacher and historian (Heidi) found family of L/Cpl Pearce (Pearce is buried in our adjacent village, my brother and me place flowers on his grave on or around the day he died)).

This weekend they will visit the issue of a local historical magazine as well as a expo centered around L/Cpl Pearce).


Heidi has a lot of personal photo's and letters, my brother (Ronny) contributed the archival background info.

Ronny and me also filled some display cases with relevant personal military items, mostly to highlight the man behind the soldier with items like shaving things, messtins and gear, instead of a array of weapons and ammo.

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