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Working on the rear of the Loyd now.      

It’s on its wheels now.  Engine and gearbox in in Q1 2019.  The kids showed an interest when the Loyd had its first roll out this week.  

Update video.    

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What I should have said Simon was that locating, purchasing and then restoring a mortar trailer is something that I could do, a 6 pdr would be very difficult to locate and even then I wouldn't be able to afford it! I saw a complete QF 6 pdr in unrestored condition last year and was told that the owner had refused a £15k offer. I have followed your trailer restoration with interest, hats off to you, if you know of a project mortar trailer please let me know.

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Thanks for that. It isn't in the same league as your incredible restoration though.


Don't know if I would do it again in retrospect.


Rest assured I will - there was a rolling restored frame of one in Newark but it went down to Essex when I bought my GS wreck back.

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Thanks everyone, its a slow project, but I'm enjoying every minute. The front axle is now installed but I have taken a break to rebuild another Flathead V8, this time for a friends Universal Carrier. It improves my knowledge of Flatheads and helps get another WW2 Carrier back to the living!



Drive axle installed.



1944 Ford UK Flathead 3.6L





1944 dated Crank.



Firing order and cylinder ID is cast into UK Heads but not on the USA version.



Cleaned up one head yesterday.

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........... its a slow project, but I'm enjoying every minute.


That is so true. It may be slow because of all your additional work, but we are all enjoying the detail and complete restoration work. Superb. :)

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Doing a little more work on the drivers floor and the front lower hull plate.



The controls are going in, I am waiting for some material to repair the throttle pedal shaft.





Made the replacement short floor stiffeners.






Front brake cables test fitted to ensure I hadn't got them mixed up with the rear ones! They are going off to have replacements made in Nottingham, then I can fit the front brake hardware and the drums.


Track arrives in a couple of weeks!

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