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hi, welcome from the midlands ! ! !


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right then, my names Nick an ive always had a hankering for the more unusual machines in my life.

although there are no big trucks in my life the possibility of getting one has reared its head..

this is the beast in question..




far as I can work out its a Bedford MW of some description. Owned by the same family the 50 years or more.. has been off the road 30 years they reckon, was originally a water bowser by all accounts then bought by her grandfather and converted into a flatbed truck for farm use..


if anyone can point me to the ups and downs of an old truck then I would be really grateful..


all the best



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hi guys,


im a metal fabricator hailing out of Evesham...


so its a bedford OY... never heard of one of them, least I can google it a bit...


ive already got quite a fleet of smaller stuff lol..


last surviving DL spec Bedford Beagle known to the dormobile register



1978 CI transit mk2



1966 humber sceptre



also got a astravan that does a bit of daily work (mk2 old one)


and a honda chicken chaser with a massive pitbike motor in which is bloody hilarious..

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hi guys,


im a metal fabricator hailing out of Evesham...




on the doorstep then... Do please come to show this weekend at Badsey and say hello. You will see Bob the owner of site has just restored a Bedford OY so you will be able to take a look. cheers Paul

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theres a show this weekend????


awsome stuff.. yeah ill pop along and have a look


tis just off A46 follow AA signs. Will possibly be about 340mv's but you will find that Bedford will either be parked in camp compound or just outside.

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