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Route from the East to A and E Campsite

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Right as the time is drawing near thought I would post this up.


If coming from the East to A and E. You are looking to pick up the M27 at some stage.


Follow this until it turns into the A31 continue on until.


You get to a roundabout near Bere Regis take the 3rd junction off for the A35 continue towards Dorchester.



From end of M27 to the roundabout with the A35 is about 32 Miles. See Google map below.




Take the A35 towards Dorchester then round the South side of Dorchester to a roundabout for the A37.




From start of A35 to the A37 is approx 13 1/2 miles. See Google map below.




Take the 3rd junction off the roundabout which is the A37, this becomes The Dorchester Road also the A37, continue onwards on the A37, as you pass a left turning for the A356 to Frampton the road then becomes Long Ash Lane still the A37.


Then turn left in to Drift Road and you should be there.....




North from the A35 / A37 roundabout to Drift Road is a little over 7 1/2 miles. See Google map below.




For Sat Nav users


Plonk in Dorchester, Drift Road DT2 crossing Long Ash Lane and you should be there.



Please any amendments to this please post and I will alter.

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