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Hello tinweasel

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Hi, I'm Shaun I have a lightweight landy built in 1983 (much smaller than a lot of the vehicals on here) I have managed to get a merlin report which shows it was sent to 22 SAS and spent all its time with them, Im trying to get it ready to show, luckly she is moastly original and in good nick so its just a bit of tidying thats needed plus the odd bit of kit to dress it up a bit





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Hi Shaun. Your wrong mate, think BIG. You have one of the best vehicles on this planet. Great history, I also like to see photos. Mine is a FFR. Good luck with loads of kit! (like kit dont I Mark):D



yep, I keep telling you that you need a 109 mate!!!!!


welcome to this friendly forum Shaun, enjoy yourselj



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Please dont get me wrong I love my little lightweight to bits, so far I have owned a S3 109 gs soft top, 110 FFR hard top, and, 90 gs soft top and my other car is a TD5 90 XS so I have a bit of a thing for ex military landys. As you can probably see see is a 12v GS with a seat belt bar and and the under bonnet tool box both of which seem to be hard to find items, the bumper is also the later type which is made to take 750 r 16 tires and the speedo seems to be set up for them too.




So far kit wise I have the pioneer tools to fit on the tailgate 2 mk 4 helmet's, 1 mk 6 helmet, a set of 58 patten webbing, and a 351 manpack on a gs frame. I'm just trying to work out what's correct for the time it was in use 1983-1992




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