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Guess the place


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Looking very different to how it does when it is at it's peak but can anyone guess the place of where these two pictures attached show?


Now to some of you it may just look like ordinary fields but some people should know what this place is. So fire away if you know the answer!



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The ground looks very white and chalky, so Salisbury plain or the Somme or somewhere in between (excluding the English channel).


It's in this country, that's all I'm saying for now! :-D

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Looks like Dorset, so I guess at the Great Dorset Sream Fair near Blandford?


Well done that man! Yes it is Dorset, looks just a bit different from these attached pictures doesn't it though!


If you look closely enough on the second picture, in the first post, you can just make out where the rows of stalls go as they have left a mark on the grass.



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