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New member from ashton-under-lyne

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Evening folks ....


having not long owned a series 3 109 FFR ,it's time i said hello i guess ..................so HELLO ,


I have owned a swb series 3 for a while ,and having decided that i was short for space to carry the missus ,and our dogs around ,i decided to look for a 109" to provide supplemental space .A short search later and i am the owner of a ex mod 109 ffr (not much of the ffr stuff remains (but i am aiming to rectify that issue over time :cool2:) served for the first few years of its life in N.I. and at some point in life had VPK fitted ,going off the amount of extra holes in the bodywork .I am already a member of the EMLRA ,and am in the process of trying to find a bit more info about the vehicles role during its service life so that i can hopefully try to return it towards what it would have looked during service at some point .............


Anyway ..........pictures ......(hopefully :blush:)




Bear in mind tis a work in progress though ............Ifor and truck cab have gone ,tilt back on ,and wingboxes antennas replaced :blush:







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Hi and welcome. Great to see that you want to set up your Landi as a radio truck again. Myself (airportable FFR) and my mate ( Ser III FFR 109) did our first show as Sig. Reg. this weekend and had a lot of great intrest (the strange sound's from the 109 helped!) Were both members of the EMLRA, hope to meet up one day.


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Cheers for the welcomes ..........


private mw ....Sadly not africa .......but north Wales


stormin .......Well spotted ,not far from home (well about 10 mins drive ,and on the way the my other halves over the border in yorkcestishire )


airportable ......plan is to head towards returning to FFR spec ,though i am i think missing some bits even after i have scavenged the spares motor that mine came with


thanks again folks

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welcome along, yet another Landie owner, we'll be taking over the world soon :)




thought we already had? :-D


welcome to this friendly place, apparently there are things called "jeeps" here, must be little things, I havnt seen any for a while!!!



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